Check PTCL Duplicate Bill

PTCL Duplicate Bill – View, Print and Download PTCL Internet Bill Online

Ptcl is a substantial ISP in Pakistan but along the way, almost every other customer faces speed issues. So, If you are wondering, how to check Ptcl duplicate bill? how to check your internet speed with a speed test online? Methods to enhance internet speed?

At that point look no further you are in the perfect spot. Here on this page, we will tell you all the information that no one has ever told you about and there is some bonus in it for you as well.

Yes, we are going to tell you a unique method to solve your long-lasting problem. So, stay tuned.



PTCL Stands for (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited)

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the largest ICT (Information Communication Technology) organization in Pakistan. It has a bold starting with a telephone along with a broadcast office in 1947. it has developed to bring to the table the most recent advanced and media transmission innovations today.

With the biggest fixed-line organization of the nation, PTCL offers items and administrations such as fast internet, Charge web, Television services, elite class facilities like Smart Link App, Smart television Application, and ptclTouch Application, a world-class mechanized substance such as Netflix subscription, IFLIX authorization, and ICFLIX services.

PTCL’s elite stages such as cloud-based services, high-class data processing centers, Managing Services, and Space station Services are resolving the network requirements of associations along with empowering organizations toward working effectively. It is the correspondence spine of the nation which has the largest network connecting from Khyber Pakhtoon Kha(KPK) to the city of light Karachi.

PTCL Duplicate Bill

Paying your internet service bills is a big problem. First, you need to visit your nearest post office and get in line till your turn comes and the dbill is paid. But mostly, you’re relaxed sitting at your home and you don’t have a clue that you didn’t receive internet bill this month and believe me this happens a lot meanwhile the due date is far gone.

As a result, you lose your internet connection.

But in this advanced world, we have a solution to your problems.

You can not only check your bill online but also can see the history of ptcl duplicate bills you have paid and also pay them online with quite ease.


DBill Payment Methods – Online PTCL Duplicate Bill Payment Facility

The most common method is to visit the post office in your city and wait in line for hours. Believe me, been there done that. It’s the most boring and time-wasting method.

There are 3 easy methods that I’m going to show you to submit your PTCL Duplicate bill :


The first of dbill payment is by visiting any bank in your city. The band could be any bank like HBL Bank, Allied Bank, Meezan Bank, Habib Bank, MCB Bank, etc.
But most of the time, you won’t have enough time to visit a bank or make a schedule out of your daily routine then it’s not a suitable method for you.

On top of it, If you are a person who doesn’t think banks are quite reliable and want to submit the bill while sitting at home using your cell phone then the next 2 methods are for you.

2- Easy Paisa For Ptcl Duplicate Bill

According to the name of this app Easypaisa, this method is also very easy to pay your internet service bills via home. You don’t need to worry rather you have Android or an IOS, it is available in both Play Store and App Store. All you have to do is follow my lead for PTCL Duplicate Bill Payment.

  • Go to Play store/App store (Available in both Android and IOS).
  • Download Easy Paisa App.
  • Open the application.
  • Select Payment methods.
  • Click on PTCL option.
  • Enter your landline number or PTCL number.
  • Enter PTCL account id (PTCL users have it).
  • Click Ok.
  • Your bill is submitted.


3- Jazz Cash App

Another reliable and effective way is the JazzCash App. Like Easypaisa, you can also use this app to pay the Ptcl Duplicate bill just by sitting on your bed or lying on the couch. And this app is also compatible with both devices (Android/IOS) just follow these steps :

  • Open play Store in Android or App store in IOS (Available in both).
  • Download it.
  • Open the desired app.
  • Select the payment methods option.
  • Select your ISP (PTCL).
  • Place your landline no.
  • Place PTCL account id (PTCL users know this).
  • Click the button.
  • Bill is submitted.
jazzz cash payment method

Highly effective and blink of an eye method.

Generate Your PTCL Duplicate Bill Through SMS

  • Send an SMS to 90179, From your registered Telephone.
  • SMS format should be (Bill space PSTN #).
  • You’ll get a link on your mobile via SMS.
  • PTCL Duplicate bills can be generated by clicking on the link you received

How to Check Your Internet Speed With PTCL Speed Test?

The Speed of Your Internet is Based On Two main Factors

Downloading speed can be measured if you are downloading stuff or documents from the internet. The stuff can be in the form of images, documents, and movies, etc. if you check your downloading speed and it’s not matching the speed that you paid for then instantly contact your ISP.

Upload speed most ISP does not emphasize this factor that’s why the upload speeds are much less. You can face this problem if you are uploading a picture to Instagram or uploading an assignment for university.

The package you set for your usage, says that your package is 4Mb but when you check it with the test and it does not match the package that you are paying for, as a result, you get better speed when you are close to your router. On the off chance that limited’s internet speed is 4Mb might be the other one is accepting 1Mb speed with a similar association.

To check your ptcl speed easily, we use a test called the ptcl speed test.

Internet speed issue

To Check Your PTCL Speed

This test not just shows you the speed but also the related factors :

  • Upload Speed.
  • Download Speed.
  • Jitter.
  • Ping Rate ( most important if you are a gamer ).
  • Nearest ISPs.

How To Increase PTCL Speed? (The Most Important Topic)

First of all, you are facing slow internet issues that’s why you are here and you are a Pakistani who is using ptcl services or want to purchase services.

To be honest with you, ptcl is the top ISP provider in Pakistan and if you are thinking of moving to another ISP service, then it is a bad decision because they are also taking connections from ptcl.

But you don’t need to worry about it because as a Pakistani, I have come with a tested technique and what we say in our language “Jugaar”. So, stay focused and follow my leads and follow my leads step by step:

The Coke Method

The first method, which I tested and is 100% promising is the Coke Method. Now, I want you guys to listen to me very carefully and follow my steps :

  • Take a tin pack of coke.
  • Enjoy your drink and finish it.
  • When it’s empty, cut the tin pack using some cuter.
  • Take off the base of the tin pack, which will be in a circular shape.
  • Roll that base like a cover for the antenna of your router.
  • Now roll it on the antenna of your router.
  • Fix it on the antenna.
  • Then turn off and turn it on back.
  • Thanks to me later.

How to Change PTCL WIFI Password?

It’s necessary to change your wifi router’s password whether you purchase a new connection or you realized that someone is using your wifi. So, I’m gonna tell you a method so you can change your password anywhere and anytime to avoid these issues.

  • First step is to go to your desktop and open a reliable web browser like I use Google Chrome.
  • At the top, a search bar is given, click it and type your IP address like for old users it was ( for old users) or type (for new users) and click the search button.
  • A dialogue box will appear in front of you. There are two boxes that you have to fill in to change the password. First, it will ask you the user and second, it will ask you the password.
  • Check at the back of your router, it will contain the user name and the password, if it’s not there then it will be on the box of your router.
  • After locating the password and the username, type them in the required dialogue boxes and click on the button.
  • Now, an admin panel will appear in front of you. From here, you can see all your PTCL modem settings. On the left side, you will see a list of options.
  • Select the option “Wireless”.
  • A dropdown menu will appear, select the option “Security”.
  • You will see a whole new screen opening on the right side of your page.
  • Scroll down that screen and locate the option “WPA or WAPI”, Select it.
  • Now select the option of changing the Password.
  • Type your new password and click on the Apply button.

Congratulations! You have successfully changed your password.

Change Wi-Fi Password Using Mobile Phone

Some people or ladies in the house don’t know how to change the password using a desktop or laptop. You can change it with the help of your smartphone with this method :

  • First step is to check the back of your router and note the IP address, User name, and Password.
  • Open a web browser on your smartphone (Google Chrome).
  • Type the IP in the search bar that you found at the back of your router and click on search/Go.
  • Then it will ask for your username and password which is again given at the back of your router.
  • Enter the username and password and click “login” and the settings of your device will appear on the screen.
  • In the left row, you will see a button named “wireless” click on it a dropdown menu will appear.
  • The basic setting will appear where you can see all the details of your device (name, password, SSID, Encryption, etc.)
  • Click on the Password box and type your new password.
  • Click on Apply.
  • Restart the router.

Congratulations you have successfully changed your router password by using your cell phone.

PTCL Live Chat – Helpline 24/7

Sometimes there comes a problem in your connection or dial call problem and you just call the helpline number 1218, which is correct but along the way you lost a lot of your cellphone credit by waiting, and also the call disconnects. So, if I tell you there is a better way to contact them which is absolutely free and reliable. Yes, the method is using live chat.

You can visit their official website PTCL CHAT and to the right below corner in your interface, you will see an option called Live Chat Click on it and your problems are solved.

PTCL Online Complaint

For your online complaints, you can go to the live chat option or simply email them.

PTCL Head Office

  • There Headquarters, Block E, Sector G-8/4, Islamabad 44000, Pakistan.

City Contacts List

  • Islamabad : +92-51-2879011 and 2879022.
  • Lahore: +92-42-37220333.
  • Karachi: +92-21-35878383.

PTCL Income Tax Certificate

You can get your ptcl withholding tax certificate from their official website which is applicable for your landline services, charji device, and EVO Broadband.

What is Withholding Tax?

It is an annual duty to be paid to the public authority by the payer of the payment instead of by the beneficiary of the pay. In other words, it is another form of Pakistani tax so pay it up lol.

PTCL Packages

PTCL gives fast web limitless downloads, web-based streaming, gaming, and learning across Pakistan. High-velocity Internet gives limitless information at a more significant level. It offers unlimited internet up to 100 Mb speed.

  • DSL.
  • VDSL.
  • Gpon Fiber Optics.
Packages Fees Ptcl

GPON Installation charges


A Feature For Gamers

For those who play online games like Pubg, COD Mobile, Apex Legends, and many more, ptcl has come up with a new feature called “Fast Path”.

This feature is specially introduced for gamers as they can experience a new generation of gaming with lag-free advantages. (but you are still gonna get lag so, remember my Coke method). This service can easily be activated by contacting your ISP help center or live chat.


Ptcl has also introduced a smart app called PTCL TOUCH APP. By using this app you can easily access all their services, monitor your data usage, and pay the bills just sitting at home.


PTCL Evo Charji Helpline

PTCL evo 4g is very reliable internet device by ptcl. In order to contact ptcl evo chargi helpline, dial  080080800 or 1236 from your phone. Moreover, when you connect evo with your laptop or pc, you will see the option of contact with customer care representative.


Q1: What is the Procedure to Check Data Consumption With the Help Of PTCL Touch Application?

1. Access your touch application.
2. Click on the data usage option.
3. To get the details you have to link the telephone number.
4. Select the option view details, see the list of your data usage.

Q2: Method Of Checking Complaint Rather It’s Under Consideration?

To check it follow my lead.
1. Access your touch application.
2. Select the option check complaint status.
3. Click on track or search complaint.
4. Submit your complaint number.
5. Press the button.
6. Details will appear on the screen.

Q3: Can I Place a New Order With the Help Of a Touch Application?

Yes, you can place a new order with the help of the following method.
1. Open your touch application.
2. Select the Shop option.
3. To buy different sorts of packages ( smart tv, internet packages), select the option Category.
4. You can see each of the details by selecting the option See Details.
5. Then add your order to the cart and you can checkout.
6. You have to provide the necessary details.
7. Click to submit and your new order is placed.

Q4: I’m Facing a Problem when I Open the App Screen Gets Black & I Can’t Access The App Can You Help Me?

1. Try to update the app to its latest version.
2. Maybe your Android or IOS is not updated to support our app.
3. Send an email to us at and you will configure your settings.

Q5: How Can I Make a New Account On The Touch Application?

1. Access your app.
2. Click on the option Create Account.
3. Place your Name.
4. Place your CNIC number.
5. Place your cell phone number.
6. Place your Email.
7. After placing all the requirements click on the option Create Account.

Q6: In Case My Device Being Stolen What Should I Do?

If there should be an occurrence of loss device, kindly contact the closest PTCL-Ufone Joint Shop quickly to deactivate the device permanently. If it’s not too much trouble note that in such cases, PTCL would not be at risk to make any Free of Cost substitution.

Q7: What is the Method of PTCL Bill Payment Using Easy Paisa App?

1. Go to Play store/App store (Available in both Android and IOS).
2. Download Easy Paisa App.
3. Open the application.
4. Select Payment methods.
5. Click on PTCL option.
6. Enter your landline number or PTCL number.
7. Enter PTCL account id (PTCL users have it).
8. Click Ok.
9. Your bill is submitted.

Q8: How Can I Pay My Bill Using Jazz Cash App?

1. Open play Store in Android or App store in IOS (Available in both).
2. Download it.
3. Open the desired app.
4. Select payment methods option.
5. Select your ISP (PTCL).
6. Place your landline no.
7. Place PTCL account id (PTCL users know this).
8. Click the button.
9. Bill is submitted.

Q9: How Can I Check My Internet Speed Using a Speed Test?

To check your PTCL speed easily, we use a test called PTCL speed test
To check your PTCL speed ( CLICK HERE)
This test not just shows you the speed but also the related factors
1. Upload Speed
2. Download Speed
3. Jitter
4. Ping Rate ( most important if you are a gamer )
5. Nearest ISPs

Q10: How Will I Recover My Password In-Case I Forget?

1. Access your application.
2. Go to the login section.
3. Select the option to forget the password.
4. A verification code will be sent to your email address.
5. Open your Gmail inbox.
6. Click on the link.
7. Reset your password.
8. Select OK.