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FESCO New Connection [Updates]- FESCO New Connection Tracking

FESCO (Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company) provides the facility to apply for a FESCO new connection online. If you’re looking to apply for a new connection, you must mention the type of connection under which you’re putting in your application: Home or Commercial, and many other connection types.

If you prefer to utilize more traditional means rather than going online and submitting a FESCO new connection application, an offline option is available and can be accessed through local offices.

FESCO’s New Connection Procedure

Following this instruction to install a new connection through the online procedure. Follow these given instructions.

FESCO New Connection Procedure Offline

When applying for a new meter via office means, an application form needs to be completed and submitted so an inspector can verify it and they can start setting up the meter at your property on what date works best for you.

FESCO New Connection Procedure Online

Another great alternate option is available if anyone is looking to get their FESCO new connection online fixed on their own without needing any assistance from anyone else whatsoever.

This involves filling up an online FESCO form from the official website of FESCO. Any queries regarding FESCO’s new connection procedure can be cleared by contacting the customer service department of FESCO.

FESCO New Connection Application Form

FESCO new connection application form requires the mentioned documents below. Consumers are requested to fill in the form with these documents to get a demand notice-fee challan form. This further contributes to the installation of the new connection in consumers’ premises.

  • FESCO provides its application and power supply contract forms in Urdu and English languages. Both formats are available for free at all FESCO offices as well as online.
  • To be eligible for FESCO connection, you’ll need to fill out the application and send them copies of your completed work.
  • If you have any questions, please contact any of the FESCO staff and they’ll be happy to offer their expertise.
  • If you want to establish connections with FESCO, you must fill out the application at their office. This way they will send an Acknowledgement of receipt.

Documents to Be Attached With the Application

Documents to be attached with the Application and Power Supply Contract are as follows:

  • To apply, a certificate showing ownership of the premises in which the connection is to take place must be submitted.
  • The owner of the property signs an affidavit stating that he has no previous connection with the premises for which a connection is applied and that he will foot any outstanding dues in respect of any previous connections which may exist.
  • The issue of the “No Objection Certificate” (if the applicant is a tenant) will be dealt with by the property owner.
  • Attested copies of CNICs of the applicant and two witnesses
  • The power of attorney (in the case of a Company), in favor of the applicant to the effect that the applicant is authorized to sign the application and execute the agreement on behalf of the Company.
  • According to the law, if the connection is made in the name of an incorporated company, you will need to produce documents proving incorporation.
  • Certificate of incorporation;
  • Resolution of the Board of Directors authorizing a person to sign and execute the application and agreement form;
  • Charge creation certificate issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan equivalent to the amount of security;
  • List of directors with complete addresses and copies of their computerized national identity cards.

Available site plan of industry/premises where the connection is required.

  • In case of a change of name/extension or reduction of load, a certificate from the Revenue Office, FESCO to the effect that no arrears are outstanding against the premises along with proof of ownership/NOC. A wiring test report would be required in case of extension/reduction of load.

FESCO New Connection Fee

Once the documents are verified and receipt of your form and documents is generated, FESCO will issue a demand notice.

This is to allow the applicant to refer to it for further processing etc. The application will be evaluated/processed and approved as per the provisions of the Grid code, Consumer Eligibility Criteria, and Distribution Code (where applicable).

  • A FESCO new connection demand notice fee and security amount will be charged by the FESCO office after they process your application. To pay for FESCO’s new meter connection fee show the notice to the branch of the mentioned bank.
  • As soon as you make the payment designated bank in the demand notices, FESCO can sign your power supply contract with FESCO.
  • FESCO will take into account the demand notices that have been paid and a wiring test report to set a final number of connections to each application.

FESCO New Connection Status

FESCO new connection status can be inquired about once the demand notice fee has been submitted to the mentioned bank by FESCO.

After the verification of the submitted fee, an officer will be appointed to the task of setting up a new FESCO connection on your premises.

You can ask the officer to update you about the status and updates made in the installation process of your new FESCO meter connection.

The other method is to call on FESCO helpline number to inquire about the details of your FESCO new connection status. They are always happy to help you regarding all types of queries FESCO consumers or potential consumers mention.

FESCO Helpline

FESCO has a contact number (“118”) that can be accessed for any kind of emergency problems that occur to the consumers of FESCO.

Consumers can call this number and get their complaints registered either related to any kind of electricity connection, supply, or electricity theft. FESCO also provides other helpline numbers to serve their consumers promptly.

Following are the FESCO helpline numbers that can be used to register your FESCO complaint online:

  • Tel #: +92- 41- 9220184-9220229
  • Fax #: +92 – 41- 9220233


FESCO is an electricity-providing company in the areas of Faisalabad, Chiniot, Sargodha, Mianwali, Jhang, Khushab, Bhakkar, and Toba Tek Singh.

FESCO’s new connection is needed when people want to get electricity connections from the Faisalabad electricity supply company. It’s easy to get FESCO’s new connection through both online and offline ways.

Through the offline way, the user has to visit the nearest FESCO office and hand over all the needed documents to the representatives of FESCO.

On the other hand, FESCO’s new connection online is a way the consumer can apply for a new connection by using the internet while sitting in any comfortable environment.