IESCO Complaint

Register IESCO Complaint Online 2023 – Get IESCO Helpline

To meet the increasing need for electricity in Pakistan, IESCO is developing different new energy creation projects to guarantee a constant electricity supply. In the case of difficulty or crisis with consumers’ electricity supply, connection, or any other type of the IESCO power supply, consumers may use the IESCO helpline. Every iesco user can register IESCO Complaint through this method.

Consumers can report electricity-related challenges and troubles all the way through the this guides with the help of a mobile phone.

IESCO Online Complaint

IESCO’s online complaint system has made its customers register, list, and report their problems online via various methods. Here is the article that will guide the consumers on how they can contact the IESCO complaint center and report IESCO complaints.

The IESCO complaint number or contact number is 051-9244301-2, 111-390-390

Consumers can submit a proper complaint to IESCO by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Consumers have to open their internet browser (e.g., Firefox, Google, internet explorer).
  • Then they have to go to the search bar and enter “IESCO complaint form” and click on the option that says Register complaints regarding electrical services.
  • There they can register their complaints regarding their IECO electric connections and get a prompt response on it.

The IESCO Complain number is a straightforward method with minimal efforts to register for electricity-related issues either theft or any other problem.

IESCO Helpline Number

IESCO helpline numbers are there to assist its customers in any electricity-related issues. There Service is one of the best customer services to serve its customers quickly and without any delay. It is for providing help to their consumers, who depend on the company to address their issues in a better way. The benefits of using the IESCO complaint system are that the customers can easily address both billing and technical Complaints, Download Income Tax Certificate, Learn how to apply for a New Connection, Receive Duplicate Bill, and Check their bill status.

IESCO Complaint SMS

IESCO also provides an SMS complaint service in case the consumer wants to register their issues with the help of the SMS system. This allows them to report their issues about the duplicate bills, and bill payments at ease. SMS service also allows them to receive updates on the actions taken regarding their complaints.


To keep up with the increasing electricity requirement and good customer relations, IESCO is building systems that can help its consumers promptly according to their electricity-related issues. IESCO wants to care and think about giving solutions to electricity theft and other electricity problems so to make its consumers at ease. That’s why, in the event of an issue or problem, consumers can make contact with their IESCO helpline.

Consumers can register any electricity-related problems with the help of a phone to IESCO. The number is 051-9244301-2, 111-390-390. IESCO’s online complaint system has made it conceivable and possible for customers to list and register their complaints in real-time using a range of various methods.