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MEPCO New Connection Tracking – MEPCO Application Tracking

MEPCO is an electricity company in Pakistan that provides electricity services to the area of Multan. To establish a new connection from MEPCO, you can either visit a local office or request for MEPCO online connection to have one set up.

Either method involves filling out a form and sending the application to someone from the company. In this entry, we discuss Online MEPCO’s new connection in greater detail.

MEPCO Online Application Procedure

Following are the steps you need to perform to get an online MEPCO new connection:

  • Get the MEPCO online application form from the MEPCO office.
  • Fill in all the necessary information required such as your name, CNIC, Address, phone number, and other personal information necessary to maintain your requirements by MEPCO.
  • Make 3 copies of the filled MEPCO online application for the new connection.
  • Make sure you have your signature as well as the signature of the witnesses on the copies of the current tariff which in this case is MEPCO tariff 2021.
  • Proof of real documents of the withholder is needed.
  • A document of undertaking by the withholder is also required by MEPCO.
  • A permission letter is required if you live in a rented house and the letter is issued by the owner of the house.
  • Your CNIC copy and the CNIC copy of your witnesses are also required with other documents mentioned above.

Submit all the required documents to MEPCO. After verification of all the provided documents, MEPCO will issue a demand notice that must be paid before the installation of the new meter.

Method For Checking MEPCO Application Status

Once the MEPCO online meter application has been submitted online. Consumers must pay the estimated amount of the demand notice-fee that has been charged by MEPCO to the Potential consumers.

After the payment of the demand fee, consumers can check their MEPCO online application status to see the progress of the work being made. The procedure for MEPCO’s new connection tracking can be done in two ways.

The first way is to enter the tracking number on the website to check the online status. The other method is to contact the concerned officer who is responsible for establishing the new MEPCO connection in the consumer’s premises.

MEPCO New Connection Fee

After your application form has been accepted, MEPCO demand notice will be sent to you informing you of what you can expect in terms of security deposits and other charges. These include MEPCO’s new meter charges and other connection costs which have been approved by NEPRA.

As per approval from NEPRA, these charges are all subject to each consumer’s eligibility status. Once that is determined, then the MEPCO demand notice fee must be deposited into a Bank account that is designated in your application form- with supporting documentation available for collection later if needed.

If funds were paid via cash at any time before your application is approved, the corresponding amount will be refunded once work is completed according to the request within 10 working days after completing required formalities like sign-in / register FIR copy.

MEPCO New Connection Demand Notice

To perform an MEPCO demand notice check Follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the official MEPCO website.
  • Click on the MEPCO online demand notice provided with an option on the left side of the screen.
  • There will be two options in front of you 1) New connection 2) Change of name/tariff/load
  • Click one option, which in this case is “New Connection”.
  • Enter your CNIC/ or tracking-id
  • MEPCO’s new meter demand notice will be displayed once you have applied for the online new connection.
  • The status of your MEPCO new connection demand notice application will be shown

Approval Of Applicant’s Installation

As a result of the prior notice, before any electrical wiring or energy-consuming meter is connected to MEPCO’s distribution system, it will have to be inspected and tested by MEPCO. No new connection made by MEPCO to the system may be accepted until it has been fully evaluated.

MEPCO Free Supply Form

MEPCO’s partnering with WAPDA means if you are an employee of the company, you can get all your express needs taken care of such that your electricity will be free. These forms can be filled out by people working at WAPDA and MEPCO offices.

This form is also needed when you need electricity concessions. They include the reference number and all the information of the employee and then this form is accepted.

MEPCO Tariff Guide

Bill unit rates are regulated every year by NEPRA. MEPCO electricity tariffs include prices for commercial, residential, general services, railways, and many other connection types. MEPCO will provide you with information about all the tariff terms and queries that are applicable.

Consumers can apply during the 30 days after advance to change their current tariff. Consumers must provide the documents required by changes in tariffs. MEPCO will approve tariff change requests after it is satisfied with the information they have provided and verified their provided information.


MEPCO encourages its users to avail themselves of the opportunity to apply for a new MEPCO online connection. It can help the consumers in the installation of a new connection through the proper channel.

When the consumer makes the payment mentioned in the demand notice, the consumer can sign their power supply contract with MEPCO. MEPCO will take into account the demand notices that have been paid and a wiring test report to set a final number of connections to each application that’s exempt under MEPCO’s policies.

As soon as payment verification is done, MEPCO’s new connection tracking can be executed through the officer who is assigned the task of installing the meter on the consumer’s premises. Through the MEPCO helpline, the consumer can confirm the status of their MEPCO online meter application.