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SEPCO (Sukkar Electricity power company) is responsible for providing electricity to the areas of Sukkur, Ghotki, Khairpur, Kashmore/Kandhkot, Jacobabad, Shikarpur, Larkana, Kambar/Shahdadkot, Dadu, and Some Portions of Jamshoro, Naushehro Feroze, Shaheed Benazirabad, and Rahimyar Khan. SEPCO online bill is a new service introduced by SEPCO to help its consumers generate their online bills at ease through the internet. Consumers can perform their SEPCO online bill check with just simple clicks even with no computer literacy.

Check the Online SEPCO bill

SEPCO online bill check is the procedure that helps the Consumers of SEPCO to generate their online SEPCO bills. SEPCO online bill view can be done by entering a unique 14-digit reference number provided by SEPCO during the time of the new meter connection. The procedure for viewing your SEPCO online bill is to visit the official SEPCO website and enter your 14-digit reference number into the designated input field.

After submitting the information, the consumer will be displayed with the SEPCO online bill details including the meters used, the Previous month’s electricity bill, the amount to be paid on the due date, as well as the amount to be paid after the due date and many more details regarding Consumer’s electricity usage.

SEPCO Duplicate Bill

Generating and downloading duplicate monthly electric bills is an important thing to do as it reduces the chances of consumers losing their bills at any point. If there is a need to recheck a previous month’s bill, it is also possible through the SEPCO reference number.  

Method for Generating SEPCO Bill Duplicate

Consumers can view their SEPCO duplicate bill just by entering the 14-digit reference number on the official website of SEPCO and generating any of the previous bills or new bills. After the generation of the SEPCO bill online, there is an option to print the SEPCO duplicate bill. They can also have a SEPCO bill download on any of the devices after clicking on the “Download” button provided.

Consumers always faced problems when they wanted to have duplicate SEPCO bills in case they lost the original ones. SEPCO duplicate online bill is the facility that has helped a lot of SEPCO consumers to view their duplicate bills online and get their bills on time without standing in lines to get their bills.

SEPCO duplicate bill check can be done through some simple steps:

  • Get any electronic device that has an internet browser in it
  • Open the browser and type SEPCO duplicate bill
  • The search will navigate you to the official SEPCO website on the first page
  • Click on the website and there enter your 14-digit reference number
  • Click submit
  • The system will display all of your previous as well as new SEPCO bills
  • You can get a duplicate SEPCO bill downloaded or get a print of the online SEPCO bill as per your need.

How to Find The Reference Number on The Electricity Bill

SEPCO online bill view can be done using a simple 14-digit reference number that is provided by SEPCO during the time of meter connection in one’s premises. This reference number is used to check bills, register complaints, generate SEPCO duplicate bills, etc. Any new consumers who have any problem regarding how to find their SEPCO reference number. They can view it on the top right side of their SEPCO consumer bill.

Benefits of Using SEPCO Online Duplicate Bill Service

Fast Processing Speed

With SEPCO’s duplicate bill online service, you can get access to it a hundred times faster than the traditional method. The speed of retrieval depends on your internet connection but even with an average internet connection, duplicate bills can be accessed within minutes

24/7 Service

If you’re a busy full-time employer, it can be difficult to find time for utility bills. SEPCO’s online service can completely save the day because you can easily access your account at any time of the day or on weekends.

Secure and Reliable

SEPCO Website is fully secured with all kinds of security features to ensure that personal information is safeguarded from online hackers and third-party intruders.

More Convenient

It’s now made easy to get Duplicate SEPCO bills online, without having to go all the way to the SEPCO office.

Cost-Effective Solution

With traditional ways of getting Duplicate bills, people used to have to pay extra for a duplicate bill but not anymore. Now all you need is to visit the SEPCO website and there are no costs for getting the SEPCO duplicate bill printed. 

SEPCO Online Bill Payment

SEPCO has made online bill payments easy for all its consumers. There are various methods to pay the SEPCO bill once it’s due to its consumers. Below are discussed some online methods in which the consumers of SEPCO can perform SEPCO online bill payments without any unwanted situations just at their fingertips within seconds.

SEPCO consumer bills can be generated through the 14-digit reference number provided to the consumers by SEPCO. Once the bill is generated consumers can pay their SEPCO bill online. Here is provided the complete list of banks that provide Internet Banking and Mobile Banking for SEPCO bill payments online.

Not all banks offer this service, so you’ll have to check if your respective bank lies on the given list. Here is the list of banks that supports internet and mobile banking:

Dubai Islamic BankMIB
Bank al HabibFirst Women bank
Soneri BankUBL
Bank IslamiSilk Bank
Bank alfalahSummit bank
NBPMeezan bank
Allied bankAskari Bank
Apna bankFaysal bank
AL barakaStandard chartered
JS bank Samba
HBLSindh bank
NRSP Microfinance bankOne-Link
The First microfinance bank 

If consumers have an account in the banks mentioned above, these are the steps they need to take to pay their SEPCO bills online. Below are the different ways you can set up to pay your SEPCO bill online through the banks mentioned above:

SEPCO Online Bill Payment

Consumers of SEPCO can make use of the internet to perform SEPCO online bill payments. For payment of SEPCO electricity bill, there are a lot of options a consumer must pay to execute their SEPCO bill payment online to save time and effort. They can pay their SEPCO electricity bill online at any bank that has internet or mobile banking enabled. Or they can also pay their online bills through jazz cash, easy paisa, and NADRA eSahulat.

SEPCO Bill Calculator

SEPCO bill calculator is an online tool that enables consumers to calculate their monthly bills within seconds by inputting some values into the calculator.  It uses the SEPCO bill calculation formula that works on the values of how much electricity you have consumed in the month, followed by other values including your connection type, tariff rates, and other relevant information that will help you estimate what bill amount to expect when it comes time to SEPCO bill payment.

SEPCO Bill Calculation Method

To calculate the SEPCO bill follow these steps:

  • Open their browsers and search for “SEPCO Bill Calculation Online”. 
  • Select the Connection Type from the menu provided.
  • Select the phase from the option provided in the menu provided. 
  • Enter your consumed monthly units for which they want to calculate their electricity bill online. 
  • Select the Number of TV Sets from the option provided. 
  • Either uncheck or check the ED exempt checkbox if you want the bill to be exempted from ED or vise versa. 
  • Choose between GST exemption from the bill i.e.  Check/uncheck the GST exempt checkbox if you want the bill to be exempted from GST or vice versa. 
  • Mention your Meter Rent.
  • Mention your Service rent.
  • Submit the information after entering all the required fields information into the calculator.
  • The SEPCO bill estimator will show you your estimated bill amount. 

SEPCO Bill Total Charges

More than half of your invoice is dedicated to the calculation of your electricity charges. The process starts with manual meter readings and ends with billing. The current month’s units are subtracted from the previous month’s value to get a figure for total units. Next, the electricity cost per unit is determined and various products and services are added together to form the final cost amount. SEPCO recommends its consumers recheck the units by subtracting the values themself for error detection.

SEPCO New Connection

SEPCO Offline New Connection Procedure

SEPCO provides the facility for the user to apply for a new SEPCO connection. The list of SEPCO branches is available on its website where users can look for their closest branch. This helps them submit their applications more efficiently. Users can submit their applications based on the type of connection they wish to have i.e., sometimes it is required to have a home connection, and other times; a Commercial connection is needed.

If you need an offline method, then visit your nearest office where you may have to fill up a form that asks your purpose. Submit the application in person and receive a receipt by showing an identity card to a SEPCO officer who will hand it over after seeing it. SEPCO offers various types of connections so look at them from the official website or from any SEPCO office before applying.

SEPCO Online New Connection Procedure

SEPCO has an online application form. You will need to fill out an online application electronic form for a new connection and submit it online. SEPCO has made the process of applying for a new connection as easy as possible, enabling their customers to find a solution for their electricity requirements. Customers no longer have to make a physical visit to the office, wait in long lines for hours, and fill out a paper application form to apply for a new connection.

The process was, indeed, very hectic so SEPCO eventually digitalized it to make everything easier. It’s now easy & free of cost. The Potential consumers of SEPCO must fill out an e-application form, and attach all the required documents mentioned below, then submit the online NEW connection form from their laptop or any other device with an active internet connection.

Steps to Apply For Online SEPCO New Connection

  • Fill out the online Application Form 
  • Please upload the scanned copies of the following documents. Make sure that the size of scanned documents is less than 50 KBs: – 
Proof of ownership (Registry, Actual Fared, Bay-Nama, Allotment Letter (In case of Housing Colony). All pages duly attested by Oath Commissioner or Notary Public or Class one officer.
Undertaking by the Applicant (As per the specimen available in the concerned office on Stamp Paper duly attested by Oath Commissioner) that no electricity connection is previously available on the required connection place and no arrears exists. If arrear found on latter stage, I shall bound to pay them.
In the case of more than one owner. power of attorney (As per the specimen available in the concerned office on Stamp Paper duly attested by Oath Commissioner) in favor of applicant from other owners. 
In case of the applicant is a tenant, no objection certificate (As per the specimen available in the concerned office on Stamp Paper duly attested by Oath Commissioner) from the owner of the property. 
Attested copy of CNIC of the applicant. Attested Copies of CNIC of the two witnesses (in case of single-phase meter witnesses are not required) 
A copy of the concerned Tariff duly signed by the consumer and witnesses (In case of Domestic and Commercial connections, signatures of the witnesses are not necessary).

Additional Documents Only For Industrial Applicants

Connection in the name of Company and in case of more than one owner, Power of Attorney (in the favor of Applicant) that he can follow the application and sign a contract with the Distribution Company. 
Site map where the connection is required. In case of Limited or Private Limited Company, copy of incorporation certificate (Article and Memorandum of Association). 
Complete addresses and attested copy of CNIC of all board of Directors. 
No Objection Certificate on Company letterhead as per Form 29 duly signed by all the Directors of the Company. (m) The charge Creation Certificate from Security and Exchange Commission, whose worth will be equal to the security amount.

  • Submit the online Application Form 
  • Get a Printout of the Application Form 
  • Attach all the above documents with the Application Form 
  • Send the Application along with all attachments to the concerned office 
  • After verification of the documents, a Demand Notice will be issued 
  • Please pay the Demand Notice to the designated bank 
  • Please send paid Demand Notice copy to the concerned office 
  • After verification of the Demand Notice payment, the connection will be installed

Important Notice For SEPCO New Connection Applicants

  • DISCO reserves the right to reject or cancel any application at any stage. If applicants are found defaulters, their registration will be canceled immediately.
  • SEPCO doesn’t accept incomplete/vague applications.
  • If SEPCO finds out that applicants are trying to submit a fake document, they will cancel their application and take legal action against violators.

SEPCO Complaint

SEPCO provides a platform where consumers can register their problems related to electricity in their areas. Our helpline aims at making the customer experience more convenient. SEPCO’s contact number is a useful way for SEPCO customers to register and discuss their electricity-related concerns promptly. SEPCO strives to keep its clients always delighted with its services.

You can either call up or register SEPCO online complaint offices to register your complaints, not just in the case of consumer issues but also in the event of power theft. For any sort of complaints, please feel free to contact the following SEPCO complaint number mentioned below.

Now complaint number: 071-9310795 / 071-5621633.

  • SEPCO Head Quarters: Sukkur Electric Power Company 
  • SEPCO Head Office: Thermal Power Station Old Sukkur.  

SEPCO Bill SMS Service

SEPCO bill complaints can be submitted using SMS services, which allows you to stay in touch and helps you deal with your electricity problem. To make checking your bill easier, SEPCO introduced the SEPCO bill SMS alert service. That helps the consumers to check their online SEPCO bills before their arrival date to get an idea of the bill before time. Simply go to the site, fill in your reference number and mobile number in the 92XXXXXXXXX format, and you’ll receive your SEPCO bill by SMS. 

SEPCO Unit Price

SEPCO unit price 2021 is set by NEPRA and is regulated over a period to compensate for electricity consumption and production charges. SEPCO tariff provides information regarding the prices per unit of any connection type and you can SEPCO calculater. Connection types for which the NEPRA provides SEPCO unit rates are residential, commercial, general services, industrial, agriculture tariff, single-point supply, temporary supply tariffs, public lighting, residential colonies attached to industrial premises, railway traction, and special contracts.

SEPCO Net Metering

 SEPCO Net Metering is a program by the government that provides homeowners or consumers with the opportunity to sell excess solar power back to SEPCO. The  SEPCO Net Metering application also helps its customers with their electric bills. The customers who qualify for this program will be able to buy the electricity they need at a discounted rate. SEPCO net metering program gives electricity customers a discount if they produce their energy.


Q1: How to Pay the SEPCO Bill Online?

SEPCO online payment can be done through different methods such as:
Pay your bill by filling up the online form by visiting your official banking site that supports mobile or internet banking.
Pay HESCO bill online payment through Easy paisa/ jazz cash.
Pay your bills through NADRA eSahulat.


SEPCO online bill check can help its consumers to check their online bills from whatever devices they have with internet-connected. This has solved the problem of hap-hazard situations caused by consumers to get their bills on time as it generates the bill efficiently and promptly with just a few clicks.

Consumers can now pay their SEPCO electric bill Online through the bank’s mobile app or online. Start by speaking to your bank about registering your account with mobile or internet banking enabled. Only then you would be able to perform SEPCO online bill payment

When electricity is fed back to the national grid stations by the consumers of electricity, we call it NET metering. This helps the consumers in discounted prices of electricity as well as they get paid for the electricity they have produced.  Solar and Wind energy can produce a lot of excess electricity and they are used as the major sources of production of electricity by the consumers. This means consumers get paid for generating their sustainable power while reducing their electricity bills.

If you need to report a problem with your electricity, the best thing to do is submit a SEPCO online complaint. SEPCO has an online application form given on the official website address. If you want to register your complaint, click on SEPCO Complaints Form. You can also go for the SEPCO complaint email to register your complaint through an email.