LESCO New Connection

LESCO New Connection – LESCO Online Connection & Offline Procedure

LESCO provides electricity to areas in Lahore, Okara, Sheikhupura, Nankana, and Kasur to be eligible for a LESCO online new connection, consumers need to submit a LESCO new connection request with a complete application consisting of their ID and supporting document(s) online. After proper verification, a LESCO demand notice is issued that has to be paid to proceed with the connection procedure.

LESCO New Connection Procedure

Online meter application for residential and commercial areas. online connection can be done in some simple steps:

  • Visit the website of LESCO and click the ‘New Connection’ tab. It’ll lead you to the Electricity New Connection System.
  • The consumer needs to enter their CNIC number on LESCO’s new meter application form.
  • Potential consumers need to upload the scanned copies of the following documents on the LESCO online portal for the registration of a new electricity connection:

  • Attested a copy of the applicant’s CNIC.
  • Attested copies of CNIC of two witnesses (not needed for single-phase meters)
  • Proof of ownership or power of attorney in favor of the applicant (in case of more than one owner) attested by oath commissioner, notary public, or a class one officer.
  • An affidavit stating that the property does not have an electricity connection.
  • An affidavit for stating no outstanding electricity charges or fees of any previous connections.
  • The undertaking must be submitted on a stamp paper duly attested by the oath commissioner.

  • The applicant will be liable to legal actions once the applicant is found to be a defaulter at a later stage.
  • Applicants living in someone’s property can submit a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner of the property. It must be on a stamp paper and duly signed by the oath commissioner.

LESCO Online Meter Application of Industrial Areas

  • A sitemap of the location where the new meter has to be installed.
  • In case of more than one owner, a Power of Attorney will be required in favor of the applicant to file an application for a new connection and sign a contract with LESCO.
  • A copy of the incorporation certificate needs to be submitted by Private Limited and Limited companies.
  • Attested CNIC of copies of all directors along with their complete addresses.
  • The applicant must submit a NOC on company letterhead. It must be signed by all the directors.
  • A Charge Creation Certificate from the SECP. Its worth will be equivalent to the security amount.

Applicants have to submit the application for a new electricity meter connection on the online portal. LESCO tracking id will be issued to them. From that, they can view the current status of the connection.

LESCO New Connection Offline Procedure

Get a Printout of the application form from the nearest office or even the website and attach the above-mentioned documents and send it to LESCO’s nearest office. Once LESCO verifies applicants’ documents, they will be issued a Demand Notice. if the documents are incomplete or fake, the applicants will be charged legally and the application for a new meter connection will be rejected immediately.

LESCO New Connection Status

LESCO’s new connection request can be made through the official website or by visiting the local LESCO office. Once the request is made and all the documents are submitted and verified. Once the fee against that notice is paid and the receipt submitted is verified by the office, the applicant can continue with the new connection process.

Applicant can check their LESCO connection status as soon as their payment is verified. Then LESCO officers make sure the connection is installed where the applicant wanted it to be. For further LESCO’s new connection tracking, the Applicant has to contact the concerned officer of LESCO to provide them with the updated situations in your area about their connection.

lesco new connecton online

LESCO Starting Connection Fee

LESCO Demand notice fee is the document issued by LESCO that has a given price on it and the company demands the new connection applicant to submit that price to a designated bank. Only then the new connection process can continue. The LESCO new connection fee is determined by LESCO according to the connection type demanded. Applicants need to contact the LESCO office and ask them about it. Right now, the estimated new connection charges are Rs-7240 (changeable), so it is highly advised to contact the LESCO office for more details.

LESCO Meter Change Application

If any of the consumers of LESCO feels like the electric meter reading is reading the units accurately then they have to submit an application to the LESCO complaint office to put a request for correction of the meter or replacement of meter. They can follow this format. First, they have to mention the date, their identity, their company name where the electric connection is installed, along with the office address. Then in the subheading, they have to mention the title of the issue they are facing. In the body of the application, consumers need to explain the problem in detail. And then send the application to the official mail of LESCO or the customer care department.

  • Date: DD/MM/YY
  • (Your Job Designation)
  • Your Area of Connection…
  • Office Address…
  • Subheading: Application for Change or Correcting the Defective Electricity Meter

LESCO Customer Services

  • Director Customer Services: 99204814
  • Manager Commercial: 99204850
  • Manager (S&I): 99204798

If your complaint is not resolved with LESCO, it is advised to contact NEPRA at the following address:

  • NEPRA Regional Office, Lahore,
  • 212, National Tower, Opposite LDA Plaza,
  • Edgerton Road Lahore.



FPA stands for Fuel Price Adjustment. These prices are levied on the consumers of LESCO because of the taxes and surcharges on fuels during the production and distribution of electricity in the concerned areas of LESCO. FPA in the LESCO bill is around 1.881 /KWh on the total bill.


Calculating the LESCO bill is done by entering the consumed units and connection type along with the tariff prices of the current year into the LESCO bill estimator. It will calculate the approximate amount of bills for its consumers.


Digital meter displays 5 different values one after the other on its display. The consumed unit is the one displayed in KWh. This is the amount needed by most of the LESCO consumers to calculate their LESCO bills.


LESCO’s online new connection is the fast and most convenient way of requesting LESCO’s new connection. Once requested and documents submitted applicants have to pay the LESCO Demand Notice fee in the designated bank and send its paid copy to the concerned office. After verifying the payment, LESCO provides electricity to the applicant’s requested premises and will install a new connection at their property.