Ptcl MDN number

What is PTCL MDN Number? 2023 Proper Guideline in 2023

If you live in Pakistan, then you must use  Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) Services. All the services are paid for. Every month you pay the services bill. The Ptcl issues the MDN number to every user to pay bills.

If you want to pay the bill, go to the Ptcl office. Tell them the MDN number so they can recharge your connection. All the users of PTCL have different MDN numbers from each other.

How to Find MDN Number PTCL?

If anyone lost their MDN number. Wants to check the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited MDN number again, they can follow the below method.

  • Go to your mobile phone messages
  • Write in the message and type “resub<space>MDN.”
  • Send an SMS on 051-2181218
  • You must use an official number for SMS because that shows your real identity. Only you can receive the MDN number on the registered sim.

The MDN number is the best source to pay the bills because you can not pay your device’s bills without this.

You can use this service anywhere in the world to charge your PTCL device or bills. If you want to pay for the Ptcl device Evo is in your hand. But the MDN number is not available on the device. you can not pay.

MDN number PTCL

What is MDN Full Form?

MDN stands for Mobile Directory Number.


Q1: Can I Pay the PTCL Bill With The MDN Number?

Yes, go to easy paisa shop and provide the MDN number of your connection. After checking your bill, the easy paisa retailer sends you a msg of bill payment.

Q2: How to Check PTCL Evo MDN Number?

Suppose you want to check the Evo MDN number that is available on the backside of the device. In case of non-availability. Send SMS to the above-given number and receive your MDN in a few seconds.

Conclusion is an unofficial website. You can check your Wapda electric bills of all regions like Pesco Tesco Lesco Fesco Gepco and K electric bills and Ptcl bills here. If you have any issues related to the MDN number.

Then contact the Ptcl helpline or any nearest office for more info. Ptcl, a live chat service, is also available. You can receive any info related to Ptcl on working days.