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LESCO Duplicate Bill – LESCO Lahore – Electricity Bill

LESCO stands for Lahore Electric Supply Company. Whenever consumers of LESCO want to do a LESCO bill check (LESCO Duplicate Bill) they have two options. They can either go online or opt for offline methods. For obvious reasons online methods are much more convenient and are time-saving. These methods are secure as well and provide correct and accurate information.

Most consumers then prefer LESCO online bill over visiting the office to get LESCO bill in their hands after standing in long queues. A duplicate LESCO bill comes in handy when the consumers have lost their original LESCO bill, and they want to have a copy of any previous or current LESCO bill.

LESCO Bill Online Check

Steps to check the LESCO bill are very simple and can be performed in a single go. Even people with little or no knowledge of computers or digital devices can access their LESCO online bill through their devices.

They just need to do these steps and the bill will be displayed to them on their screens

  • Get any digit device and open the available browser on the device
  • Type in the search area “Check LESCO bill online”
  • The browser will navigate the user to the new page where the official LESCO website will be displayed.
  • The user then has to open the website and in the input field, they have to enter their unique 14-digit reference number provided by LESCO during the time of new connection installation.
  • Click the “Submit” button and the user will be displayed his LESCO online bill within no time.

LESCO Duplicate Bill

LESCO duplicate bill check is the same as checking the online bill. The user needs to follow the same steps as to open the browser and type in “LESCO duplicate bill copy” and search for it. The users will be navigated to the official LESCO site, and they have to enter a 14-digit reference number. The online bill is displayed to them they can have as their LESCO old duplicate bills from there as well as all the previous and current bills are displayed as soon as user enter the reference number.

LESCO Duplicate Bill View

Once the online LESCO bill is generated there is an option for the user to view any of their old LESCO duplicate bill view. This helps them to keep track of their current and previous bills helping the consumers in planning their electricity usage accordingly.

LESCO Duplicate Bill Print

To help the consumers LESCO has provided an option for downloading and getting a print of the duplicate bill. LESCO’s duplicate bill print facility helps the consumers to have a hard copy of their bills in case they want it.

LESCO Duplicate Bill Download

Consumers also have the option of downloading their LESCO bills in case they want to save their LESCO bills on their devices. Consumers can simply click on the download button once the bill is generated. This way they can do LESCO duplicate bill download on their devices very easily and conveniently.


Q1: How to Check LESCO Bill?

LESCO bill can be checked with the help of the reference number provided by LESCO at the time of new meter installation. The reference number is unique for every consumer of LESCO, and it helps in getting the duplicate LESCO bill.

Q2: What are Arrears/Age in the LESCO Bill?

Most of the arrears/age in LESCO is for less than 10 years, although in a few cases arrears are as old as 25 years or more.

Q3: How to Change the Name On the LESCO Bill?

Get the following documents and submit them to the office of LESCO. After acknowledgment and verification of the documents, consumers will be able to change the name on the LESCO bill.

1. Application from the present owner and NOC from the previous owner.
2. Photocopy of sale deed.
3. Khata certificate and tax paid receipt for the current financial year.
4. Field report from junior engineer and Indemnity bond.
5. Power supply agreement and original or verified Bank letter and a blank file.

Q4: How to Calculate the LESCO Bill?

You can calculate the LESCO bill just by observing the units consumed in that month from your meter reading. According to the current year’s LESCO unit price, multiply the price by the units consumed. One more factor to consider is the on-peak and off-peak hours. You will have your LESCO bill calculated. You can also use an online LESCO bill calculator to estimate your LESCO monthly bill online.

Q5: How to Pay the LESCO Bill Online?

LESCO offers very easy bill payment methods. You can pay your LESCO bill online through the online banking app (that supports mobile banking) or you can use jazz cash or easy paisa as well to pay your electricity bills.

Q6: What is tr Surcharge in the LESCO Bill?

The TR surcharge is the heaviest charge levied on consumers of LESCO. and it can be charged on a percentage of up to 25-35% of your bills. for example, People may have two domestic consumer bills with them. A LESCO bill charge of Rs 7405 is an additional Rs 870 (a 24% surcharge), but on a bill of Rs 7543, it is extra Rs2565. On payment of Rs 12700, LESCO has a share of 63% and taxes are 37% of the total bill. Over one-third of the total bill is accounted to LESCO share, which is 72%. The other major expense, taxes stand at 28%.


LESCO duplicate bill is the facility provided to the consumers of LESCO to get any current or previous LESCO bill according to the need of the consumer. Through LESCO duplicate bill print, consumers of LESCO can get a print of their LESCO bills so that they can have a hard copy of their bills. Hardcopy of bills helps the users in case they want to submit the bill payment to the nearest offices. Consumers can Duplicate LESCO bills with a single click. Even people with no knowledge or little knowledge of the internet can access their bills with ease.