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PESCO New Connection 2023 – PESCO Application Procedure

Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) is in Peshawar. It provides service of electric power distribution to more than three million consumers.

To be eligible for a PESCO online connection, consumers need to submit an application consisting of their ID and supporting document(s) online with all the details required in the PESCO new connection form.

After proper verification by PESCO, a PESCO demand notice is issued that has to be paid to proceed with the procedure for getting your PESCO new connection done.

PESCO Stands for

PESCO is abbreviated for Peshawar Electric Supply Company. It’s keen to ensure that its 3 million-plus customers are getting an uninterrupted supply of electric power, making it a trustworthy electrical company in the country.

PESCO has grown enough to be at the point to supply electricity to the areas of Bannu, Hazara-1, Hazara-2, Khyber, Mardan, Peshawar, Swabi, and Swat Circle.

PESCO New Connection Completed Guide

New or potential consumers of PESCO look for ways in which they can opt for a PESCO online connection. It has been made easier for consumers to fill in the PESCO online connection application and get their new connection easily. Below is mentioned the whole procedure to apply for a new PESCO connection online.

PESCO New Connection Procedure

To apply for PESCO online connection, there are two methods. This can be done by visiting the PESCO office or by PESCO’s new connection form online.

PESCO Online Connection

You can get the PESCO application form from the website online. Follow these steps to get started.

  • Fill out the PESCO online connection Application Form.
  • Please upload the scanned copies of the following documents.

In case of more than one owner, power of attorney then there is required a stamp Paper duly attested by the Oath Commissioner in favor of the applicant from other owners.
Undertaking by the Applicant on stamp paper that is duly attested by the Oath Commissioner. There is no previous electricity connection present on the required connection and there are no outstanding bills. If arrears are found in the latter stage. I shall be bound to pay them.
The charge Creation Certificate from the Security and Exchange Commission, whose worth will be equal to the security amount.
In the case of the applicant being a tenant, no objection certificate is required from the owner of the property.
Attested copy of CNIC of the applicant.
Attested Copies of CNIC of the two witnesses (in case of single-phase meter witnesses are not required)
A copy of the concerned Tariff duly signed by the consumer and witnesses is required for all the connection types. (In the case of Domestic and Commercial connections, signatures of the witnesses are not necessary).
Complete addresses and attested copy of CNIC of all board of directors is needed in case of Limited or private company.
No objection certificate on company letterhead as per Form 29 duly signed by all the directors of the company
The charge Creation Certificate from Security and Exchange Commission, whose worth will be equal to the security amount.

3- Submit the Online PESCO Application Form
  • Get Printout of the Application Form
  • Attach all the above documents with the Application Form
  • Send the Application along with all attachments to the concerned office
  • After verification of the documents, a Demand Notice will be issued
  • Please pay the Demand Notice to the designated bank
  • Please send a paid Demand Notice copy to the concerned office
  • After verification of the Demand Notice payment, the connection will be installed

PESCO Connection From Local Subdivision/Office

Application For Supply

Please fill out an Application and Agreement for supply energy, obtainable from the local subdivision of PESCO. Your application will not be registered unless it’s signed by owners/occupiers of premises that wish to take said supply.

PESCO will assist you by providing any required information to complete the application procedure as well as provide you with a cost estimate.

Point Of Supply

The PESCO shall give supply to the applicant/consumer at one point or more, as the PESCO may decide and if required by the PESCO, the substation building on the applicant/consumer’s premises for the reception and housing of the PESCO’s apparatus shall be erected to the approval of the PESCO at the expense of the applicant/consumer and shall be maintained in good and efficient repair by the consumer.

The PESCO however, reserves the right to use the sub-station at the consumer’s premises for supply to other premises in the vicinity; provided always, that supply to the consumer shall not thereby be affected.

Approval Of Consumer Installation

Before any electrical equipment or appliances are connected to PESCO mains, PESCO requires the consumer to consent to a pre-installation safety inspection. Permission will not be granted without the inspection being completed.

PESCO New Connection Fee

When a PESCO new connection is established then the PESCO new meter charges depend upon the type of service they applied for. Service type includes (230 V connection or 400 V connection).

PESCO’s new connection fee is calculated knowing the service type or connection type for which the consumer has applied.

PESCO Tariff

PESCO tariffs rates are the prices that PESCO charges its consumers for using electricity. The PESCO unit price is set by NEPRA, and the government will tell the consumers how much it costs to use a certain amount of electricity.

Its per unit rate is different for every connection type and below are mentioned Commercial unit rates, Industrial and Residential unit rates of the PESCO tariff guide.

PESCO Residential Tariff

UnitsVariable charges
Up to 50 Units4.00
For peak Load requirements less than 5kW 
01-100 Units15.62
101-200 Units18.81
201-300 Units19.32
301-700 Units20.56
Above seven hundred Units22.33
For peak load requirements exceeding 5kW
Time of Use (TOU)-peak21.59
Time of Use (TOU)- Off-Peak14.16
Temporary Supply21.60

PESCO Commercial Tariff

UnitsVariable charges
For peak Load requirements less than 5kW21.59
For peak load requirements exceeding 5kW
Time of Use (TOU)-peak22.46
Time of Use (TOU)- Off-Peak16.22
Temporary Supply21.61

PESCO Industrial Tariff
UnitsVariable charges
B1 Peak21.60
B1 Off Peak16.05
B2-Time of Use (TOU)- Peak21.46
B2-Time of Use (TOU)- Off-Peak15.71
B3-Time of Use (TOU)- Peak21.02
B3-Time of Use (TOU)-Off-Peak15.61
B4-Time of Use (TOU)- Peak21.46
B4-Time of Use (TOU)- Off-Peak15.98
Temporary Supply17.10

PESCO contact numbers

Consumers can either call up or register their PESCO online complaint to the PESCO offices. To register complaints, in case of electric theft or any electricity-related issues consumer has to call PESCO’s contact numbers.

For any sort of complaints, please feel free to contact the PESCO contact number mentioned below.

  • 111-000-128
  • 9212010
  • 9212028
  • 9212037

 PESCO Complaints Email



Q1: How to Check the Demand Notice?

After the submission of the required documents, the verification of documents gets started by PESCO. Once verified a demand notice will be issued to the new/potential consumers of PESCO. They can view their demand notice from the official website from where they have applied for their new connection.

Q2: How to Download the PESCO Bill?

Consumers have to visit the official website of PESCO and enter the 14-digit reference number to generate the PESCO bill online. Once the bill is generated the consumer can download the bill on their device to avoid misplacement of the bill or any inconvenience.

Q3: How to Get a PESCO Bill Online?

Here are some steps for getting a PESCO electricity bill online. If you have an active PESCO electricity connection then go to the official PESCO website write a 14-digit reference number on the website and submit the number.

As soon as the consumers submit the number the website will show the PESCO online bill to the concerned consumer.

Along with the current PESCO bill, the website will also show the previous bills with all the information of due amounts, consumer details, meter details, etc. Consumers can then download as well as print their online PESCO bill from the website.


PESCO’s online connection is the convenient and fast way of requesting PESCO’s new connection. Once requested documents are submitted applicants have to pay the PESCO Demand Notice fee in the assigned bank.

Then they have to send its paid copy to the concerned PESCO office. After verifying the payment, PESCO will provide electricity to the applicant’s requested premises and will install a new connection at their property.