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FESCO is responsible for Faisalabad Electricity Supply and areas near Faisalabad are Sargodha, Mianwali, Khushab, Jhang, Bhakkar, and Toba Tek Singh, Chiniot. The company has been given the Distribution License by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA)with FESCO Online Bill. The company has been granted this license according to the Regulation of Generation, Transmission, and Distribution of Electric Power. It distributes electricity to about, 4.62 million customers within its territory with a population of over twenty-six million people.

You can instantly view your FESCO online bill and all the details it provides with a few simple clicks. Simply enter your 14-digit FESCO online bill number and due date to see the amount of electricity bills you need to pay. If you have any outstanding bills with FESCO, please paste your reference number into FESCO online bill view page to view the history of these transactions. You can compare this month’s data with previous months to get a good insight on how to save your electricity.

FESCO online bill check 2023 is easy and can be done on any device whether a laptop or mobile phone. In this article, we will further discuss how you can pay your FESCO bills online through different methods. You can also check any duplicate FESCO bills you have on your device without visiting an office.

FESCO Online Bill Check

FESCO online bill check makes it easy to keep on top of providing bill information of consumers’ residential, commercial, industrial, or any electrical connections. Consumers need to enter the 14-digit reference number found on top of the previous bills to find out how much they need to pay for electricity consumed units. These are the steps consumers need to take to perform their FESCO bill check.

First, they need to open their google browser and write in the search area as “online bill check FESCO”. As soon as they find the website, consumers need to click on the FESCO website, which will appear on the first page. To Check the FESCO online bills they must enter your 14-digit FESCO Bill Reference No. Here the online system will generate your FESCO monthly bill. Consumers can print a copy of their online FESCO bill and can also see their FESCO previous bill online.

FESCO Bill Calculator

FESCO online bill calculator is an online tool that helps in calculating bills. Method to use the FESCO bill calculator online is a simple click on “Calculate FESCO bill online”. To calculate the FESCO bill online, Just Input your FESCO Units Used, and the calculator will calculate the bill according to the FESCO unit rate. Payment Due would be shown to you by the FESCO bill estimator online.

The FESCO bill calculator 2023 is an online tool that can help us calculate our monthly FESCO payments– just type in the number of units, the rate per unit, and your billing date to get a final estimate. FESCO provides its users with a 14-digit FESCO reference number through which users can check their FESCO bill online as well as they can execute FESCO bill calculations from the FESCO unit calculator. They can view, download, and duplicate their FESCO bills as well for free.

Fesco Bill Estimator

Fesco Wapda bill estimator is also an electric bill calculator where any consumer can estimate their electric bills. Now Fesco Tariff consumer can calculate their bills without any charges.

If any person wants to Fesco bill calculation manually, that is so easy. Any untrained person can calculate it. For manual accounting, you must know the Fesco unit rate 2023. Because every year the electricity is different. Primarily Nepra is increasing every year the rate of Electric. For the Manual calculation rate table is given below.

FESCO Duplicate Bill

The FESCO bill is a monthly bill that shows the amount of electricity that consumers used in a month. The FESCO bill is also an important document since it also shows the number of outstanding dues. So, consumers try to duplicate FESCO bills and prefer to have FESCO bills printed on their devices.

To view the FESCO duplicate bill, a 14-digit reference number is provided to the users of FESCO. You just need to enter your 14-digit FESCO reference number on the official website and can check your recent FESCO bill amount. FESCO duplicate bills online can also be downloaded and printed from any device.

How to Get FESCO Duplicate Bill ?

FESCO Duplicate Bill Check & Download

These are the steps you need to take to have a FESCO duplicate bill check online. First, you have to look up any available browser like Google, Safari, Firefox, internet explorer, etc. then fill in the search area with the FESCO duplicate bill. Click on the FESCO website, which will appear on the first page. To have a FESCO duplicate bill print you must enter your 14-digit FESCO Bill Reference No. Then the system will generate your FESCO online bill. Here you can view any of your previous bills and have an option of getting your FESCO duplicate bill downloaded. You can also print a copy of your FESCO duplicate downloaded bill.

FESCO Bill Payment

For payment of FESCO online billing, there are a few options you have.

Paying FESCO Bill Through the Official Website

It is possible to perform FESCO online bill payments. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Visit the official website of your online banking.
  • Fill up your details required on the form and select “Payment Mode” and then “Pay Online”.
  • Enter your 14- digit FESCO reference number and the company “which in this case is FESCO” in the spaces provided and then enter your payment method
  • A pop-up window will open, where you will need to enter your credit card information for verification purposes
  • In this way, you will pay your FESCO bill online, after verification of your entered details

Pay FESCO Bill Through The Mobile App

  • Log in to your mobile banking app.
  • Fill up your details required from the given supported companies available.
  • Enter your 14-digit FESCO reference number after selecting the company (FESCO) in the spaces provided.
  • The system generates the OTP.
  • Fill in that OTP to verify your transaction for verification.
  • Your FESCO payment process finishes after verification of your entered details.

FESCO Bill via The Jazz Cash

  • At first, you must maintain a viable account of Jazz Cash.
  • Dial * 786 # from your cell phone /android mobile.
  • Enter your account details.
  • Find electricity bill types on the top menu from “payment options”.
  • Select FESCO from the given options.
  • Here you must insert your 14- digit FESCO Reference Number
  • For successful transactions keep MPIN Jazz Cash Account
  • You have successfully paid an online payment to FESCO

FESCO Bill Through Easy Paisa app

  • At first, you must maintain a viable account of the Easy Paisa app.
  • Enter your account details.
  • Find electricity bill types on the top menu from “payment options”.
  • Select FESCO from the given options.
  • Here you must insert your 14- digit FESCO Reference Number
  • For successful transactions enter MPIN of Easy paisa.
  • You have successfully paid an online payment to FESCO.

FESCO New Connection

FESCO has thoroughly mentioned the rules and regulations as well as the documents required for loading connection

FESCO Meter Application Form

  • FESCO provides its application and power supply contract forms in Urdu and English languages. Both formats are available for free at all FESCO offices as well as online.
  • To be eligible for FESCO connection, you’ll need to fill out the application and send them copies of your completed work.
  • If you have any questions, please contact any of the FESCO staff and they’ll be happy to offer their expertise.
  • If you want to establish connections with FESCO, you must fill out the application at their office. This way they will send an Acknowledgement of receipt.
Documents to be attached with the Application and Power Supply Contract as follows:
  • To apply, a certificate showing ownership of the premises in which the connection is to take place must be submitted.
  • The owner of the property signs an affidavit stating that he has no previous connection with the premises for which a connection is applied and that he will foot any outstanding dues in respect of any previous connections which may exist.
  • The issue of the “No Objection Certificate” (if the applicant is a tenant) will be dealt with by the property owner.
  • Attested copies of CNICs of the applicant and two witnesses
  • The power of attorney (in case of a Company), in favor of the applicant to the effect that the applicant is authorized to sign the application and execute the agreement on behalf of the Company.
  • Your FESCO payment process finishes after verification of your entered details.
  • According to the law, if the connection is made in the name of an incorporated company, you will need to produce documents proving incorporation.
  • Certificate of incorporation;
  • Resolution of Board of Directors authorizing a person to sign and execute the application and agreement form;
  • Charge creation certificate issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan equivalent to the amount of security;

Available site plan of industry/premises where the connection is required.

FESCO New Meter Connection Fee

FESCO new connection fee depends on different factors. Upon receipt of your form and documents, FESCO will issue a registration PIN. This is to allow the applicant to refer to for further processing etc. the application will be evaluated/processed and approved as per the provisions of Consumer Eligibility Criteria, Grid Code, and Distribution Code. To pay for this FESCO new connection, show the notice to the branch of a designated bank. The bank must receive payment as per the notice and provide an acknowledgment receipt etc.

As soon as you make the payment mentioned in the demand notices, the consumer can sign your power supply contract with FESCO. FESCO will take into account the demand notices that have been paid and a wiring test report to set a final number of connections to each application that’s exempt under FESCO’s policies. As mentioned above FESCO new meter connection fee depends upon the connection type and will be allotted once the new connection application form or FESCO meter application has been submitted to the office.

FESCO Meter Installation Location

  • The consumer must make their premises safe and accessible to FESCO so that installing the meter on their property is possible.
  • FESCO will install the meters at a reasonable height so you can more easily access them without needing to use any tools.
  • For multi-floor buildings, the meters of all consumers residing in that building should be installed at one location on the boundary of the building.
  • The FESCO will have the right at any time to change the place and position of the metering equipment to conform with the provision of the Schedule of Tariffs in force from time to time and Consumer Eligibility Criteria, 2003.
  • At any time, a consumer may need their meter moved to a different place on their property, they must give 7 days of notice to the FESCO. The consumer should also provide reasons for this relocation. The FESCO after its satisfaction may shift the metering equipment upon receipt of such a request upon deposit of such shifting charges by the consumer as demanded through a demand notice by the FESCO.

 FESCO Meter Installation

  • The FESCO will strive to install the meters at the highest industry standards.
  • All meters should be installed on a non-flammable board in a true vertical position. This way, water won’t enter through the meters, cabinets, or any other possibility.
  • When metering equipment is installed in a multiple-occupancy building, the meter connection devices shall be labeled, tagged, or stenciled showing the complete address and location of the area served (e.g., apartment number or office name) and the customer for which the metering equipment is being installed.
  • The first step is to install mounting brackets on a wall. Ideally, this would be on a floor joist with two-by-four framing members. Be sure the mounting brackets are secure, even before putting any equipment or wiring within them.
  • For meters in multiple or grouped metering configurations, conductors from the power source shall be continuous from the last meter to the meter terminals.

FESCO Tariff Guide

FESCO bill rates depend upon the FESCO electricity tariff guide provides us with rates that vary with connection types and unit consumed according to FESCO bill unit rates 2023 so there is a whole FESCO tariff guide provided for residential, commercial, industrial, single-point supply, agriculture tariff, seasonal industrial supply tariffs, temporary supply tariffs, general services, public lighting, and residential colonies attached to industrial premises.

Mis-Use of Tariff

  • You should not be using the connection to do anything other than that for which it was originally intended. In case you do – we reserve the right to take action against you, including disconnection and/or penalization.
  • FESCO shall serve 7 days’ notice to consumers facing sanctions after misusing their approved/sanctioned tariffs. This new tariff will allow FESCO to collect the difference of charges that have been lost. If there are no documents to go on, then the maximum period of these charges will be determined by FESCO.

Change of Tariff

  • The consumer will need to apply for an energy tariff change at least 30 days before they want it activated.
  • To request a change in your tariff, please submit the necessary documents and apply to FESCO customer care executives.
  • FESCO will approve any changes to the tariff if the customer submits the form with the required information within 30 days after receiving it.

Below are discussed FESCO Commercial unit rate along with FESCO residential unit rates and other connection types with their FESCO unit price:


SR NO.TARIFF CATEGORY/PARTICULARSFIXED CHARGES R/s/kW/MUniform Tariff Variable Charge Rs/kWhApplicable Variable Charges Rs/kWh
a)For sanctioned load less than 5 kW   
iUp to 50 Units4.003.95
 For Consumption exceeding 50 Units   
ii001 – 100 Units14.597.74
iii101 – 200 Units16.4110.06
iv201 – 300 Units17.5312.15
v301 – 700 Units19.0719.55
viAbove seven hundred Units20.6122.65
b)For Sanctioned load 5 kW & abovePeakOff-PeakPeakOff-Peak
 Time of use 20.2713.1022.6516.33


SR NO.TARIFF CATEGORY/PARTICULARSFIXED CHARGES R/s/kW/MUniform Tariff Variable Charge Rs/kWhApplicable Variable Charges Rs/kWh
a)For sanctioned load less than 5 kW 19.5619.95
b)For sanctioned load 5 kW & above440.0019.2221.63
c)Time of use440.0021.0213.4923.5517.58


SR NO.TARIFF CATEGORY/PARTICULARSFIXED CHARGES R/s/kW/MUniform Tariff Variable Charge Rs/kWhApplicable Variable Charges Rs/kWh
B1Up to 25 kW (at 400/230 Volts) 18.3117.23
B2(a)Exceeding 25-500 kW (at four hundred Volts)440.0017.8716.73
 Time of Use PeakOff-PeakPeakOff-Peak
B1(b)Up to 25kW21.1913.4120.7915.23
B2(b)Exceeding 25-500 kW (at four hundred Volts)440.0020.9513.5020.7315.02
B3For all loads up to 5000 kW (at 11,33)420.0021.1112.6320.7314.93
B4For all loads (at 66,132 kV and above)400.0020.9312.9720.7314.83

FESCO Net Metering

FESCO net metering is a program initiated by the government that provides homeowners or consumers with the opportunity to sell excess solar power back to FESCO. The FESCO net metering application is a program that helps customers with their electric bills. The customers who qualify for this program will be able to buy the electricity they need at a discounted rate. FESCO net metering program gives electricity customers a discount if they produce their energy.

Net metering helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it helps with conservation, it makes sense for the grid, there are financial benefits, and it is a policy that protects consumers from high electric rates when they use renewable energy. Net metering can also help with balancing out intermittent power sources like solar and wind power which tend to produce more electricity in some areas than others. There are many reasons why net metering is important to promote renewable energy supply across Pakistan.

FESCO SMS Registration

FESCO sends its consumers SMS regarding their bill due to date and bill amounts. Consumers can send an SMS to the FESCO for a FESCO bill SMS alert. Through FESCO SMS service the customer’s electricity bill can be sent by using FESCO’s online billing option. FESCO has added a new app that helps them to figure out the cost of electricity bills online (FESCO online bill estimator).

With the help of FESCO meter reading, SMS consumers can read and get their consumed units of the month and calculate their bills. FESCO’s online bill registration is quick and easy. It is the perfect way to save time. FESCO bill SMS service is free and provides its consumers with lots of benefits such as enable its members to track their previous bills. This facility can be accessed by a customer online, through SMS, or even through phone calls.

So, the FESCO previous bill inquiry is easy now, all you need to do is visit the FESCO website and enter your details. You can get your registration for the FESCO bill by SMS. You just enter your reference number and mobile number in format 92XXXXXXXXX. A simple window appears showing you the bill and FESCO bill status. In the future, you will get your FESCO SMS alert on your mobile phone.

FESCO Contact Number

FESCO head office contact number is 118. Consumers can call on this number and get their complaints registered. FESCO also provides other complaint numbers to serve their consumers with quick service. Following are the FESCO helpline numbers that can be used to register your FESCO complaint online: Tel #: +92- 41- 9220184-9220229 Fax #: +92 – 41- 9220233

FESCO Online Complaints

Complaints in respect of new connections, meter reading and billing, electric supply failures, and other matters relating to the supply of electric power services shall be handled by FESCOs expeditiously. To redress consumer complaints, Consumer Services Centers shall be approached for all types of complaints to be lodged by the consumers.

Additionally, One Window Operations are established in the FESCO offices wherein all types of complaints are received from the consumers who are given acknowledgment of the same with definite dates for their replies according to the time frame for handling and redressal of such complaints. FESCO shall handle a complaint under the procedure as laid down in this chapter.

Complaints Regarding New Connections

Complaints in respect of non-availability of Application and Power Supply Contract (A&PSC) and other material, delay in issuance of Demand Notices, etc. shall be attended properly and connections given as per procedure and schedule laid down in relevant chapter (s).

Complaints Regarding Billing

Common billing complaints including but not limited to the following shall be entertained for redressal /reply within the time as given below:

  • Errors in bills arising from wrong meter readings, wrong calculation of charges, etc. (within 7 days from the receipt of complaint).
  • Tariff changes. (Within 30 days from the receipt of complaint)
  • Defective meters (within two billing cycles for meters charged under defective code).
  • Wrong application of surcharge, e.g., late receipt of bank scrolls or loss of a scroll (within 3 days of receipt of complaint).
  • Adjustments arising on various matters including the extension of due date and waiver of surcharge (within 3 days from the receipt of complaint).
  • Bills calculated on an average basis are usually on the higher side which needs reconsideration and correction from the next higher authority (within 15 days from the receipt of complaint).
  • Detection bills are prepared on the basis and for a period not acceptable to the consumers (if referred to FESCO decision within 15 days from the date of receipt of request).
  • Energy theft detection bills issued on mere assumptions or reasons which cannot be attributed to the complainant’s involvement in an illegal act.

Complaints Regarding Failure of Electric Supply

Common complaints regarding failure of electric supply are mentioned as below:

  • Individual complaints of consumers regarding failure/fluctuation of supply voltage other complaints of technical nature which can be rectified locally.
  • A group of consumers has complained about a faulty 11 kV feeder line.
  • A group of consumers has complained about a fuse blown up on the 11 kV side of the distribution transformer.
  • A group of consumers has complained of damage to the distribution transformer.
  • It has been noticed that more than the usual amount of 11 kV feeders is tripping.
  • Branches of trees touching with the 11 kV/LT conductors.
  • Defects in 11 kV/LT jumpers, insulation, etc.
  • The collision of kites with 11 kV/LT power lines
  • Many consumers complain about the leakage current in structures and equipment.
  • There might be a problem with the building wiring and the electrical current is low.


How to Check Electricity Bill is Paid or not FESCO?

It is very simple to check if the FESCO bill is paid or not. A consumer must visit the FESCO website and enter a 14-digit reference number. After entering the reference number corresponding FESCO bill is generated. The status of the bill is also shown on the bill such that if the bill is paid or not.

How to Check FESCO Bills Online?

There are many ways to check the FESCO bills online. You can visit FESCO’s official website, or online portal if you have signed up for it. The next step is to enter the 14-digit reference number that is provided to you by your Provider. A bill will be displayed to you with the corresponding reference number.

How to Check FESCO Electricity Bill Status Online?

It is very simple to check if the FESCO bill is paid or not. A consumer must visit the FESCO website and enter a 14-digit reference number. After entering the reference number corresponding FESCO bill is generated. The status of the bill is also shown on the bill such that if the bill is paid or not.

How to Get the Old FESCO Bill?

FESCO provides electricity to more than twenty-six million customers. Through this company, people can get electricity connections at their homes or offices. Here are some steps for getting FESCO old electricity bill online: – If you have established a FESCO connection, a 14- digit reference number is provided to you by FESCO. – Enter that 14-digit number and click on view FESCO old Bill online. – View and download your FESCO old bill in pdf format for free by clicking on the “Download” button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

How to Check The FESCO Meter Reading?

Reading your FESCO digital meter is important. As it helps the consumer to know how much electricity they are using. It is always so easy to read the meters, there is no need to fear because it is all safe. Digits are displayed in form of a sequence on your digital meter screen. Most commonly they include.
1. Your Meter’s serial number
2. Total units used in (KWh)
3. Previous maximum load
4. Current maximum load
5. And instantaneous load
For reading your FESCO units consumed in that month just read the numbers on the digital meter with a unit KWh mentioned on the FESCO meter

What is the Detection Bill FESCO?

A detection bill FESCO for dishonest abstraction from the electricity company is assessed strictly following the provisions of section 26-A of the Electricity Act, 1910. Clear your dues immediately or your electricity connection may be disconnected.

How Can I Apply For Bill Correction?

Consumers can apply for bill correction by calling the customer care center on 118 and get their bill information corrected.


Consumers can pay their FESCO bill online to quick up the process. They can do their FESCO bill payment by filling up the online form by visiting your official banking site that supports online or internet banking. Or they can also perform FESCO online bill payment from their phone through their banking app as well as jazz cash, and easy paisa after performing their FESCO bill check.

FESCO online bill check helps consumers to keep track of their electricity usage and compare it with their past FESCO bills. FESCO online bill payment has made the process of paying bills easy. It is quite easy as it helps in reducing hap-hazard situations caused by the customers standing in long queues. Now consumer simply executes FESCO online bill payment at their home.

FESCO e bill service is beneficial for the customers because it gives them a detailed report on how much money they spend on electricity every month (with the help of the FESCO bill estimator online) and how much they can save. FESCO provides its users with a 14-digit FESCO reference number through which users can check their FESCO bill online as well as they can execute FESCO bill calculations from the FESCO unit calculator. They can view, download, and duplicate their FESCO bills as well for free.