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Our platform provides you easy access to your utility bills, irrespective of your location throughout Pakistan. It’s as easy as entering your Reference Number or Consumer ID and you will get a copy of your electricity, gas, water and PTCL bill. The provided bill is as authentic as the original and can be used in its place when color printed. We provide quick access to many vendors including but not limited to IESCO, KE, LESCO, WASA, SNGPL and PTCL. Our platform makes the process very simple by providing all utility bills such as electricity, gas, water and landline, all in one place and just a single click away. No longer is there a need to fill out long forms and waiting on customer service. With our easy search mechanism, you can get your billing right away. We are among the pioneers of such easy access services. We are proud to say that we provide these services free of cost. There are no hidden charges nor are there any waiting queues. Whichever city of Pakistan you may belong to, you can find all of your utility providers on our platform. User-friendly and simplistic procedure makes our website one of the best in the category. Our aim is to make the process as easy as possible. The process can even be followed by individuals with very basic knowledge about computers and have a stable internet connection. Following simple steps can guide you through the process and help you generate your desired utility bill:
  1. Open our home page.
  2. All utility services like electricity, gas, water and PTCL are listed on the page.
  3. Select the utility service you want to print the bill of.
  4. If you want to look for Electricity related bills information, you may need to select the area-specific company such as KE for Karachi and IESCO for Islamabad. All of the vendors will be listed here.
  5. When you select the vendor, you will be taken to the page that will guide you in all possible aspects and will provide you regarded information. From the provided information you can generate your bills by entering your Consumer ID or Reference Number.
  6. Scroll down to find empty text fields or small boxes.
  7. You can enter your Consumer ID or Reference Number here. This number is provided to every consumer by the company and can be found printed on top of any of your previous bills.
  8. Enter your Consumer ID or Reference Number here and click on SUBMIT button.
  9. The website will reload, and you will be presented with a duplicate copy of your utility bill.
  10. On top of this page, you can find the option to print the bill. If you wish to download it, you do that too using your browser settings or other downloading services.
These simplified 10 steps will guide you to your bill and within a few seconds you can print a fresh copy. Having access to all of your utility bills is hard and there are little to no service that provides this level of ease of access. Not only can you find all the bills here, but you can also access them from anywhere. By using the browser in your mobile phones, and following the 10-step process, you can print or download your bill from anywhere. This service not only makes the process simple and easy, it also makes it fast and efficient. The process is free of any cost and you can save your maximum amount of time. We are proud to be serving our users with such marvelous platform.




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