K Electric Duplicate Bill Online Check & Print

K Electric Duplicate Bill Online Check & Print 2023 Karachi Electricity Bills

Online K electric duplicate bill Karachi is now in your hand. Suppose you are a resident of Karachi, Pakistan, and did not receive your electric bill till the new month. Then do not worry about how to Print an online duplicate bill check in case of not paying the account till the due date. Then you must pay the surcharge of your bill. Nowadays, Karachi electric provides the facility of online duplicate KESC bills of the latest month to their consumers.

K Electric is a Karachi Electric Supply Company. It was established in 1913 (Before Pakistan). Consumer of KESC is increased with the passage of time. So over time, Govt decided to be privatized in 2005. Govt change the name Karachi Electric Supply Company to K electric. Now the official website of K electric is www.ke.com.pk / where you can get your KE duplicate bills. K electric is the provision of electricity to 23 Million people of Karachi.

Suppose you are busy in your daily life or did not receive or view a duplicate keys bill through the distributor on your house. Then you must visit our website to view duplicate KESC bills and get your latest bill if you want to check the online duplicate bill at k electric website is https://www.ke.com.pk/. All the data of Karachi electric is available on the official website.

K Electric Bill Check Online

Many people which are out of Pakistan want to online k electric bill duplicate check. So it can be checked quickly with the above link. Checking any electric bill online at our website is so easy. A proper guideline about how to check online electricity is available for all-electric bills. A few years before, an online system is not available. People were worried about their bills because if they had not to get their bills, what they do. So online systems provide the fastest ways to do anything.

K Electric Duplicate Bill Online

New Meter Connection Charges

Suppose you want to install a new connection with Karachi electric company. About the new relationship complete guideline is available at our website.

Bills & E-Payments

K Electric New Connections Status

If you want to check the status of your new connection, then call on k electric number 118 or email newconnection@ke.com.pk

Abraaj Group K-Electric

Abraaj Group is the partner of K Electric and also has good experience in the Power sector. Now they are launching new companies.

K electric Customer Care Centers

You know better Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan and also the economic Hub. So the consumer of electricity is increasing every day. Many industries use electricity in Karachi, so the burden is growing every day for intense installation, and bill distributors have facing issues delivering the bills. So you can use the online method, and the electric company increases their customer centers for users. Nowadays, more than 30 customers center work that is mentioned below.

KElectric Customer Care Center

K-Electric Bill Relief

K electric relief their users by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) direction due to Covid-19. Relief is for particular users who are utilizing up to 300 units every month. The K electric decided that March, April, and May pay with installments till November. The relief is mentioned in their bills and also sends SMS to the users.

K Electric SMS Alerts

I want to latest update on your phone. Then SMS service of Karachi electric is available where you can receive the latest update of bills and loading shading etc.

K Electric Customer Center Office Timing

Day Hours
MondayFrom 09 AM to 05 PM
TuesdayFrom 09 AM to 05 PM
WednesdayFrom 09 AM to 05 PM
ThursdayFrom 09 AM to 05 PM
Friday From 09 AM to 01 PM and 3 PM to 05 PM
SaturdayFrom 09 AM to 05 PM
SundayOffice Remain close

Duplicate Online Bill Guideline

If you are not receiving your bill or want to save time, you must print a duplicate bill.

  • First of all, go to the chrome browser
  • Then search bills.com.pk
  • After searching our website, then go to the site search bar
  • Enter your desired bill name
  • After a few seconds, you can get an option to check the bill
  • Then enter your account
  • You can get your duplicate bill free of cost.

K-electric Duplicate Bill Online Payment Method

Before some years, life was callous. Because internet net was not available at that time. So the people pay their bills physically in Post offices,s or any Bank like National Bank Pakistan (NBP), Muslim Commercial Bank(MCB), Habib Bank Limited (HBL), United Bank Limited (UBL), or any Private and other govt Bank.

Nowadays internet is available in Pakistan. So for bill payments, you do not need to go anywhere. You can pay your bill from bed via online bill payment. If you are out of Pakistan and want to pay your electricity bill, that facility is also available.

For online bill payment, you must have any bank App on your android phone. If you do not have an application, simply install it from the google play store. You Must have a balance for bill payment. All the banks of Pakistan have their android Application like Allied bank App Bank Of Punjab (BOP)etc. You can also pay your bill via Debit or Credit Card on k electric official website.

If you do not have a bank account and also want to pay your bill online. Then you must Install the Jazz cash Application Easypaisa App or Omni App. You can use this application without any bank account—payment method with these apps available below.

Online Electric Bill Payment With Jazz Cash

  • Go to the google play store
  • Search JazzCash – Money Transfer, Mobile Load & Payment
  • Click on the Install button
  • After clicking the install button, a new interface occurs with Accept, so click on it.
  • After some time installation process go to the end
  • Open the Jazz cash app
  • Register your mobile number
  • After Registration, an SMS receives on tour given the number
  • Enter the OTP Number and verify your application.
  • Enter your basic Information Like Name, Email address, etc
  • Select your pin code number
  • Now the application is ready to use
  • Now go to Payment and select your Electric company
  • Enter your bill account number and verify it
  • After verification, you can receive a message of successful Payment
  • You can also get the Screen Short or print a successful message that is your proof for the billing company.

Same as if you want to use the Easypaisa app or Omni, follow the as same above method.

JazzCash - Wikipedia

K Electric Staff

K electric is the most prominent Electric provider company in Pakistan with more than 11000 employees at the same time. The leadership of this company is hard worker and have a good team. They work for a good environment between the company and customers.

K Electric Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Syed Moonis Abdullah Alvi

Moonis Alvi was appointed in 2018 as CEO. Due to his excellent experience in an Electric company

Chief Generation & Transmission Officer Dale Sinkler

Mr. Sinkler has 25 years of experience in the Transmission and Power sector

Chief Distribution Officer Amer Zia

Mr. Amer Zia has good experience in the distribution field and also works with the USD Power Project. In this company, they have over 7000 employs team.

Chief Financial Officer Muhammad Amir Ghaziani

Mr. Amir Gaziani has more than 20 years of experience in the Accounting field. Now he is performing here in the Financial office.

Chief People Officer Rizwan Dalia

Mr. Rizwan Joined K electric in 2018 and performs as Chief people officer.

Chief Strategy Officer Naz Khan

Mrs. Naz Khan has a grip on financial services and industry. Before this electric company, she worked in X Petroleum as Managing Director.

Chief Marketing & Communication Officer Sadia Dada

Mrs. Sadia dada is a brand in the field of marketing and communication. She works in different areas of Marketing and communications.


Q1: What is K Electric?

K electric is a Karachi electric supply company, which distributes the electric city all over Karachi for domestic users and Commercial users.

Q2: How Can I Get An Offline Duplicate Bill From K Electric?

If you want to get an offline duplicate bill, then go to the K electric head office. Write an application to the general manager to get the same electricity bill. Then can process your application and provide the bill.

Q3: How Can I Get An Online Duplicate Bill From K Electric?

The online bill check method is dependent on the internet and android phone or Pc. If You have your own android phone or have any friends, then the online way is effortless and straightforward. Then go to the above link and guidelines and follow the process.

Q4: How to Pay the K-Electric Bill in Installments?

If your bill amount is over your budget and you are worried about paying the bill. Then installment option is available. Go to the official website or visit the Karachi electric company and submit an application to GM for installments.

Q5: How Do I File a Complaint to K Electric?

If you have faced any issue related to k electric-like Low voltage or no delivery bills, you can raise a complaint with SMS. Simply send an SMS on 8119. If you want to visit the consumer center, get the complaint form fill and submit it to the official person.

Q6: What is the Consumer Number?

K electric Consumer number is mentioned on bijli ka bill. You can check your invoice with two methods: enter your account number the second is the consumer number if you do not know these numbers. Then you cannot review your electricity bill online for finding a consumer number to check the previous statement or visit your nearest k electric consumer center to know the number.

Q7: Who is the Owner of K Electric in Pakistan?

Since 2017 K. electric is working on a Partnership between two parties, one is Govt of Pakistan which has 24% share, and the second is Abraaj Group NIG have 66%

Q8: What are Star Customers in K-Electric?

K electric is entitled to their some customers as Star Customers. Those people who always do their bills before the due date are called star customers. If they have faced any issue about electricity then electric company resolve their issue on a priority basis. So for problem-solving on an emergency basis, pay the bill on time and get bouns of star user.

Q9: How Do I Change my K Electric Bill Owner Name?

It is your property. If you want to change your ownership, you need documents like CNIC Copy, Paid bill of last month, Sales agreement, Noc, Affidavative of Rs 100. You can visit your consumer center to change your name the list is above available and contact the focal person. They resolve your issue.

Q10: How Many Grid Stations Of K Electric?

As per the record of June 2018, K electric has 64 grid stations. Till now, k electric enhances its grids as per the usage capacity.