IESCO Bill Calculator Online

IESCO Bill Calculator Online

IESCO stands for Islamabad electric supply company and its main purpose is to supply ad distribute electricity to the areas of Attock, Jhelum, and from the areas of Indus to Neelam valley in Kashmir. As it has a lot of consumers obligated to get electricity from its people wonder to get to know their electricity bill in advance to get a hold of their expenses in the right time and right way. Therefore, people find ways in which they can perform their IESCO bill calculation as promptly as possible.

This aid is provided by the IESCO bill calculator which is an online tool that helps in calculating the electricity bill and verifying those electric bills issued by IESCO. In simple words, consumers can verify and produce their IESCO online bills easily and securely without any cost.

IESCO Electricity Bill Calculation

There are many advantages of computing electricity bills online using IESCO electricity bill calculation. One of the main gains is that it is unproblematic and effortless. It is very less time-consuming, and consumers can perform it from any place even at their house and it is just some clicks away from their fingers.

IESCO Bill Calculator is a service that helps the user. IESCO electricity bill calculation is helping consumers to calculate and analyze the monthly bill for their electrical use. It provides information to the customer of IESCO with several monthly charges they must pay as well as their usage units, which can be further used to guess future bills.

People can now easily check, and guess their bills by just entering the number of units consumed in a month, the type of connection placed on their premises, and the tariff guide of the current year they are calculating their bill in. It must be noted that tariff guides keep changing for every type of connection every year so rates for each unit may vary.

IESCO Tariff Guide

For commercial, residential or any other connection types of the electric units and their respective costs varies so here is a table that shows how the IESCO tariff rates are defined for each type of unit in a particular connection. Here is a table provided that shows the mentioned information above for the residential and commercial electric connection types.

Below are discussed some Connection Types:

IESCO Unit rates for residential Connection

a) For Sanctioned load up to 5 kW
I Up to 50 Units 3.95
For Consumption exceeding 50 Units
ii 1- 100 Units 7.74
iii 101- 200 Units 10.06
Peak Off-Peak
Time Of Use 22.65 16.33
a) Single Phase Connections: Rs. 75/- per consumer per month
b) Three Phase Connections: Rs. 150 /- per consumer per month

IESCO Commercial Unit Rate

a) For Sanctioned load up to 5 kW 19.95
b) For Sanctioned loads 5 kW & above 440 21.63
Peak Off-Peak
c) Time Of Use 440 23.55 17.58
a) Single Phase Connections: Rs. 175/- per consumer per month
b) Three Phase Connections: Rs. 350 /- per consumer per month


Q. What are IESCO peak hours?

IESCO peak hours are measured to be the most evident and specific hours in a day due to the supply and demand gap of electric power. Peak hours are mostly defined to be timing between 5 Pm to 11 pm. It is the time when a single unit’s price rises from the usual cost of a single unit mentioned in the IESO tariff guide.

Q. How can I reduce my electricity bill?

There are some ways to reduce your electricity Cost/Bill. First, consumers must minimize their electric energy leaks because this factor has a great impact on the units of electricity the consumer is consuming. Which will ultimately help in reducing the cost of electricity. Secondly, as Peak hours are the hours which cost the consumers more price per unit than usual so they should try to use less electricity during those hours.


IESCO bill Calculator Online is an online tool that helps consumers with IESCO electricity bill calculation. The consumer just has to insert the number of electrical units consumed in kWh and also the tariff guide of the connection type in the respective year such as the rates charged by IESCO for various types of consumers and connection types installed in the consumer’s premises.