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HESCO (Hyderabad Electric Supply Company) is responsible for electricity supply to twelve districts of Sindh, Pakistan. To ensure uninterrupted electric supply to 1,138,328 consumers, HESCO has set up four operation Circles, fifteen operation Divisions, and sixty-seven operation Sub-divisions along with six circuits. Consumers can find their HESCO online bill from the official website.

They can perform HESCO online bill check for residential, commercial, or industrial, or any electricity connection type by entering your 14-digit reference number.

If you don’t know where to find HECSO reference numbers, please refer to your old HECSO bill you will find the reference number on the top right corner to have your online HESCO bill.

How to Check HESCO Online Bill?

Consumers can look for HESCO bill online by just following simple. Go to the browser and type “HESCO online bill check”. You will see the official website of HESCO. Check the reference number in the previous invoice. Enter the 14- digit HESCO number in the input field. Click on the “Submit” button and wait for a couple of seconds. You’ll be able to see your latest HESCO bill online on the web. After the HESCO bill check, you can get it printed or go for the HESCO online bill payment.

HESCO Duplicate Bill

If consumers want to find their last bill and cannot find one, they need to have a duplicate bill of their previous or current bill. HESCO duplicate bill utility can help you save some time while getting your HESCO duplicate bill online. It lets you browse all your previous bills and instantly pull out the one that matches the one you need. First, go to the browser present on your device.

Type “HESCO duplicate bill online” and press enter. You will be directed to HESCO’s official website. Then you will see the reference box. Here click on the customer service option and select HESCO duplicate bill on the menu. There you see an unfilled format. insert your fourteen digits reference number in the reference box. Press submit button. Then the system generates a HESCO duplicate bill copy of you. The customers have the facility of getting HESCO bill print once the HESCO bill is downloaded on their devices.

HESCO Bill Calculation

HESCO online bill calculator provides a facility to their consumers to calculate their online bills. Calculating HESCO bills online is an easy process because consumers just have to enter the total consumed units of the month, type of connection in the consumer’s premises, and tariff rates of the current year. After entering these values, click on the submitting button and you will get the results within no time. HESCO bill calculator can help you verify or estimate your bill amount before or after the arrival of the bill.

HESCO Net Metering

Solar and Wind energy can produce a lot of excess electricity. This Electricity is usually fed back into the National Grid and given to retailers in return for money. This means you get paid for generating your sustainable power while reducing your electricity bills.

Procedure For Applying HESCO Net Metering

Registration of Application

  • Any person who meets the requirements of a Distributed Generator as defined under the Regulations is required to apply (as specified in Schedule-II of Regulations duly filled along with necessary documents) in the office of HESCO’s focal person. The focal person for the net metering program shall be the local Deputy Manager (Operation) of the concerned Division.
  • Application can be downloaded from NEPRA’s website www.nepra.org.pk.
  • The filled-in application along with necessary documents shall be submitted by the intending Distributed Generator to the focal person of HESCO.
  • The focal person shall accord solar net metering approvals on a first come first served basis until the grid-connected Solar / Wind installed capacity reaches 30% of the closest upstream distribution transformer rated capacity based on the verification by the Assistant Manager (Operation) concerned.
  • The priority for such applications shall be maintained at the division level for which a separate register shall be maintained for solar rooftop installations.

Application Processing

  • Within five (5) working days of receiving an application HESCO shall acknowledge its receipt and inform the applicant whether the application is complete in all respects. This includes verification of arrears (if any), spot inspection by the inspection committee, and submission of the technical feasibility report.
  • Checks before issuing the Technical Feasibility of proposed interconnection:
  • The transformer shall be loaded (including the proposed SRTPV system load) up to 80% of its capacity.
  • Whether the proposed interconnection will require upgrading the capacity of the existing distribution network.
  • Phase balancing to avoid unbalancing of load in the secondary circuit of distribution line.

In case of any missing information or documents, the applicant shall provide the same to the HESCO office within seven (7) working days of being informed by the office.

HESCO Online Bill Payment

Consumers want to execute HESCO online bill payments as soon as they get their HESCO bills. If they want to use their banks, then they must have internet and mobile banking enabled on their banks. Here is the list of banks that provide mobile and internet banking. Consumers can also pay their bills through jazz cash, easy paisa, or NADRA eSahulat.

Dubai Islamic BankMIB
Bank al HabibSoneri Bank
First Women bankUBL
Silk BankBank Islami
Bank AlfalahSummit bank
NBPMeezan bank
Allied bankAskari Bank
Apna bankFaysal bank
AL barakaStandard chartered
JS bankSamba
HBLSindh bank
NRSP Microfinance bankOne-Link
The First microfinance bank

HESCO Tariff

HESCO tariff is available online for every connection type. HESCO electricity tariff help the consumer to know about the current HESCO electricity rates so they can maintain their budget accordingly and calculate their bills before the expected date of bill arrival. The tariff schedule of the HESCO unit rates 2023 has been approved by NEPRA and been notified by the GOVT. The HESCO tariff 2023 schedule will be available at HESCO offices as well as they will release them for customers on-demand for free.

HESCO Tariff Rates 2023 For Residential, Industrial Supply, and Agriculture

Tariff Category/ParticularsEnergy Charges Ps/KWhFAS
Additional SurchargeSurcharge 10.4%Total Rate Ps/KWh
Tariff A – Domestic General SupplyA-I Domestic Consumers
Up to fifty units0.6100.73000.063441.40
For first one hundred units (1-100)0.410.431.72260.087362.65
For Next 200 units (101-300)0.580.432.52500.105043.64
For Next 700 units (301-1000)1.510.434.00800.201766.15
Above one thousand units1.880.314.99220.227767.41
Note six Paisa subsidies born by Federal Govt for domestic consumers whose consumption is more than fifty units.

Tariff B – Industrial SupplyNormal Tariff
Tariff Category/ParticularsFixed ChargesEnergy ChargesFASAdditional SurchargesSurcharge (10.4%)Total
There shall be minimum monthly charges of Rs. 70/kw for the first 20kw of load and Rs. 90/kw for loads between 20-40kw even if no energy is consumed.

TOD Tariff
B-2 (Off Peak)364.321.200.132.42170.138323.89
B-2 (Peak)364.321.980.132.68060.219445.01
B-3 (Off Peak)352.
B-3 (Peak)352.181.970.132.08160.218404.40
B-4 (Off Peak)340.
B-4 (Peak)340.031.870.132.08200.208004.29

Tariff D – Agriculture
Tariff Category/ParticularsFixed ChargesEnergy ChargesFASAdditional SurchargesSurcharge (10.4%)Total
D1 Scrap1.260.363.62150.168485.41
D2. (i)87.440.900.361.88900.131043.28
D2 (TOD) (Peak)355    6.00
D2 (TOD) (Off Peak)355    3.55

HESCO Online Complaint

Consumers can contact HESCO to resolve any of their electricity-related issues promptly. They can reach them in several ways. Even if they don’t have any complaints, they may ask general information or questions regarding the policies and system of HESCO. For doing this they need HESCO complaint number. In case of a complaint, they can register it through their browsers easily. Consumers need to open their internet browser and type “register HESCO complaint online”.

On the website, they will see a HESCO complaint form. They must enter their 14-digit reference number provided to you on your HESCO bill. And type in their complaint in the text box for complaint registration provided in the HESCO complaint form. They can also use the HESCO complaint email to email HESCO online about the issue related to your electricity connection. Once the complaint has been submitted HESCO online complaint tracking can also be done to check your status about the registered complaint.

In case of calling through the helpline, HESCO complaint cell or HESCO contact number is 022-9260161. The HESCO helpline number is an easy way for HESCO electricity users to register their HESCO complaints regarding electricity service issues. They can check their status regarding the issues if the work has been started or not. Registering complaints can also be done with the help of a phone using the same helpline number.

  • HESCO complain number # 022-9260161
  • HESCO Complain
  • Work Hours: 9 am to 5 pm daily, Monday through Saturday
  • Headquarters address:  HESCO Headquarters WAPDA Complex, Hussain Abad Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan.


How to Pay HESCO Bill Online?

It is easy to use HESCO online payment system through different methods such as:
1. Pay your bill by filling up the online form by visiting your official banking site that supports mobile or internet banking.
2. Pay HESCO bill online payment through Easy paisa/ jazz cash.
3. Pay your bills through NADRA eSahulat.


HESCO consumers can get their HESCO online bill with the help of their 14-digit reference number. They only need an internet connection and a device to be able to start searching for their HESCO online bill. Go to the browser and type “online HESCO bill”. On the official HESCO website type in the 14-digit reference number provided by HESCO to its consumers. And then click on the “Submit” button and the latest HESCO bill will be displayed on your screen within no time.

To view or get a HESCO duplicate bill, a unique 14-digit reference number is provided to the users of HESCO. You just need to enter your 14-digit HESCO reference number on the website. HESCO duplicate bills online can also be downloaded and printed on any device from a website similar to FESCO.

When electricity is fed back to the national grid stations by the consumers of electricity, we call it NET metering. This helps the consumers in discounted prices of electricity as well as they get paid for the electricity they have produced. Solar and Wind energy can produce a lot of excess electricity and they are used as the major sources of production of electricity by the consumers. This means consumers get paid for generating their sustainable power while reducing their electricity bills.

Consumers can pay their HESCO bills online. There are various methods of paying HESCO bills online including internet and mobile banking, jazz cash, easy paisa, and NADRA eSahulat.

Consumers can check their electricity complaint status by contacting the HESCO complaint center on 022-9260161 regarding the issues if the work has been started or not. Registering complaints can also be done with the help of a cell phone using the same helpline number.