Sepco New Connection Online 2022 Demand Notice Tracking Application Status

Sepco New Connection Online 2023 Demand Notice Tracking

Sepco New Connection

Sukhar electric provides the facility to the user to apply for a Sepco New Connection online. It is an extensive facility. If you want to apply online, you must mention your connection category, like applying for a Home connection or commercial connection. If you wish to use offline means, Apply through the regional office, go office write an application to apply a new meter, and submit it to the concerned person. This article is about you If you want to apply Sepco new connection guideline is available.

Sepco Connection Types

Usually, anyone knows about the two types of connection. one is the house connection, and the second is the commercial connection. But there are also different types of connections like Industrial and T.well connection etc.

Suppose you want to apply for a new connection. Then before apply to conform your connection type. Because if you’re going to install a connection for home but by mistakes. You can use it with a commercial user name. Then it is a problem for you. if you have some problem call at SEPCO Complain number.

The connection category can not depend on the name. Throughout it’s different from each other Like commercial demand notice is very costly, domestic have few charges. The same as the unit rate of the commercial connection is very expensive.

Sepco demand notice tracking and sepco new connection all guideline is available here

How to Apply For Sepco New Connection ?

Click on the above button to apply a new connection that link redirects to an official website where you can use it. To apply online, you need the following basic information like connection type, Applicant Name, CNIC Number, Neighbour Electric Bill etc. There is an online form you must fill in the correct data. Then submit it. After submission, you receive a tracking Id that is most Important.

For a new connection, the electric supply company takes 30 days for installation. After applying for a new connection, a Sepco official person came to check your location. Suppose your distance is more than desired range. The official has the authority to reject your connection. Following the visit, you can submit the demand notice for a new connection with an amount offered to the bank. You can also track your application status if you apply with an online method.

There are three categories of connection. You can select the category with electric usage

CategoryPowerSeconied authority
Category 11kwH to 15 kWhAM / SDO
Category ii16 kWh to  70 kWhDM/XEN
CATARGY III71KWH  500KWHManager/s.e

Sepco Demand Notice Tracking

You can track your all process of demand notice online with a tracking Id. Must save tracking id that is used for meter etc. If you are facing any issue Electric company track your all issues with tracking id because they do not know anything in the form of consumer name or CNIC number.

Sepco Demand Notice Fee

Sepco new connection fee is different for different connection types. Like Commercial connection and Domestic connection have a difference from eatch other.

How to Check Sepco Demand Notice Online?

If you can apply for a new connection online, you can track your demand notice online. For tracking online, we will provide you with a link where you enter your CNIC and connection type. You can receive all the details of your connections. Suppose you can apply in the office with the manual method, then maybe you can not find your connection status.

How to check Sepco demand notice online?


In the end, we concluded that for the Sepco new connection, online is best because you can track your status when Sepco online apply for a connection. You do not need to go to the office—all the data of Sepco online bill is available on our website. Suppose you have an android phone. Then you can check all the details about your connection in one minute. It would be best if you only had an only internet connection to search for anything. Suppose you have any queries related to a new connection, contact us. Our support team is available for your guidance.