Fesco New Connection Online 2022 & Fesco Demand Notice Tracking Faisalabad

FESCO New Connection Online – FESCO Demand Notice – FESCO Tracking 2023

The process of Fesco new connection is straightforward now. It is only because of Fesco online system. Before the online system, a new consumer can apply through a manual process. In which you right an application with the minor details and it gives to Fesco.

Company process it through different steps. In the end, you get a new connection. It was a very hectic and time taking process. But now its easy. Just go to Fesco official website. Open new connection application form for Fesco. Put all the mandatory data which is asked in the form and click on apply.

After that, you will receive a confirmation message. And just in few days, you receive a notice of your connection. In this whole process, you visit the Fesco office only once or twice. But in a manual process, you have to visit Fesco office a lot of times.

You know Fesco has a different type of connection like home domestic Industrial and T. Well etc. Before applying, you must know about your connection type because every connection has a separate fee for demand notice. All the connections have different unit rates.

Mostly Domestic connection is the lowest unite rate. Because it is single phase and in the usage of the home of Electricity is very low.

In the previous time when the online system is not available. Apply for a new connection is very tough. Because at that time, everything is manual. Suppose any person wants to Install Wapda new connection. Must visit nearest subdivision office.

FESCO Online Application Check & Track

Suppose you can apply for a new connection by online method. It has the significant advantage of you can check it online. All the process of your application is trackable. When the people applied, they did not have any method to prevent it. So we can say the online way is a gift from Faisalabad Electric Supply Company.

How to Apply For FESCO New Connection?

If you want to install a new connection for home or business purposes, click on the above button that redirects you to an official website where you can submit a form. You must Fesco Application form Download for your record. To Fesco Online Apply, you must fill in all the data that is given in the online form that are

Applicant Name FESCO Sub Division / Division / Circle
Father Name Nearest FESCO Meter Reference Number
CNIC NumberNumber of Meters Already Installed
Consumer Email Connection type
Landline Number Domestic
Witness Name Industrial
Witness CNIC NumberTemporary 
Connection AddressCo-Generation
Applicant Address Stree lights
NTN Tariff
Owner TypeShared Owner

Documents For Upload

You need some documents for upload when applying for installation that is important. Scan the following documents before try to use them, and the size of the file is a maximum of 300 KB in PDF or JPG form

  • Property ownership document copy 
  • Attested copy of CNIC
  • Affidavit Attested of the owner
  • Copy of NTN certificate
  • Neighbors electricity bill copy

FESCO New Connection Tracking & Check For Status

Above these data is most important for new connection instalment. You must save the form when applying. After the approval of the new connection, the Wapda official person visits to check the location. He has the authority to reject if your connection is far away from the electric pole because many long-distance units lose due to line losses. In this case,

If you have near any electric pole, then apply for a new connection. Mostly Wapda people ignore the minor things and approve of them. After the approval, you pay the demand notice to the national bank of Pakistan. Nowadays, I think you can submit Fesco demand notice online. You can check your application status only if applied online

 fesco status of online new connection

FESCO Demand Notice Fee

For Connection fee is payable when your application is proved by Peshawer Electric company. You can print the demand notice from the website and pay for it. Demand notice-fee depends on Nepra. So we can not tell you the exit figure. If you want to check demand notice-fee, then visit www.nepra.org.pk.

FESCO Demand Notice Tracking 2023

You can track your application of a new connection easily. So must save your tracking Id. Fesco New connection Appointing authority. Approval of the new connection is divided into three categories. It is divided load-wise.

CategoryloadSancoied Authority
I1kw to 15kwA.M/SDO
III71KW TO 500 KWManager/s.e