FPA Var in LESCO Bill FPA in LESCO Bill

What is FPA in LESCO Bill? – FPA Var in LESCO Bill 2023

FPA Stands for a Fuel price adjustment and FPA in the lesco bill is applicable to all. Every month, we received a paper which is Called Wapda Bill and we received it at the starting of the month or the last date of the month. Bill is Consists of the Reference number, Customer ID, and Meter No.

What is FPA in The Lesco Bill? FPA Stands For

FPA Stands for a Fuel price adjustment and it’s applicable to all Lesco Bills. LESCO customer received the net fuel charges of Rs4.35/KWh. on their bill.

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If we take this bill as an example: Cost of Electricity = 700.65 which we consumed while Fuel Price Charge = 441.96 is the price that is paid in the production of that electricity that we consumed.

In other words, we are paying for what we consumed and also paying for what cost the company to produce electricity that we consume.

Although, LESCO charges around 1.881 /KWh net FPA charges on their bills

To understand it in depth we have to know the whole process of how do we get electricity.

  • Generation: It’s the first step where electricity is produced (Hydropower plants, Thermal power plants, Solar power Plants, etc.)
  • Transmission: Then it’s transmitted via transmission towers to different cities in Pakistan like Lahore.
  • Distribution: After that, LESCO distributes that electricity to households.
  • Utilization: In the end, these households utilize electricity for different usages according to their needs.

Electricity Consumption

When the consumer consumes the electricity then it is measured by calculating the units. Each company has a list of their rates per unit which we called terif.
Lesco charges.

  • Rs 4.90 – 5.50 per unit for the first 150 units.
  • Rs 5.40 – 6 per unit to the second stage 151 to 300 units.
  • Rs 6.20 – 6.50 per unit to the third stage 301 to 500 units.
  • Rs 6.50 to 7 per unit above 500 units.

Compulsory GOVT Charges

Now we are going to discuss different charges we pay along with our consumption bills.

  • E.D

E.D. stands for (Electric Duty) which is also mentioned at the top of the bill. Our Government charges about 1.5% of E.D. from our final bill, which is compulsory.

  • TV FEE

It is your television fee which is also compulsory in GOV Charges.

  • GST

GST stands for (General Sales Tax) charged by Lahore Electric Supply Company which is 17% and it is charged to industrial consumers.

FPA and GOVT Charges

Fuel Price Adjustment by taking the first word which fuel means Lesco generates electricity from Hydropower plants, in such case, water is our fuel and the part of the price that is consumed in generating the hydropower plants is the FPA we are paying.


It is the government sales tax that we pay on FPA which is used at those hydropower plants to generate electricity.


Now ED ON FPA is also the electric duty on FPA that we charge separately from our consumption electric duty from LESCO


N.J. Surcharge stand for (Neelam & Jhelum Surcharge) The GOVT has gathered RS 75 billion (absolutely Rs 74.658 billion) because of Neelum Jhelum Surcharge from power customers through their power bills, uncovered the Power Division. So that is also included in FPA.In the end, by adding all these charges we get TOTAL FPA in LESCO Bill.