GEPCO New Connection 2023 – GEPCO Demand Notice – GEPCO Tracking

Best & easy way for online application to apply for Gepco New Connection in 2023. Check out the article to get help about your queries.

GEPCO New Connection

GEPCO stands for Gujranwala electric supply company, and it pursues its users and consumers to have the opportunity to apply for a new GEPCO connection. In this way, consumers are assisted in the process of installation of new GEPCO connections in a proper way. It includes the meter installation number, reference code, and the supplier company name in the notice form. In this way, consumers of electricity have a clear knowledge of the meter charges and their connection type.

Though GEPCO demands notice inquires for a tracking ID or CNIC, the laws and rules of GEPCO require some other important information be provided, such as a CNIC, or Passport number to keep a trail of service expenses. Once fee confirmation has taken place by the concerned officer, the officer in charge of installing the meter on consumer locations may begin GEPCO’s new connection tracking through GEPCO’s helpline. Consumers can also verify the current status of their GEPCO connection progress by contacting the GEPCO helpline.

GEPCO New Connection Application Procedure

Gepco’s New Connection Application Form
GEPCO offers both electric supply agreement forms and applications in English and Urdu. To be qualified for a new GEPCO connection, consumers need to fill out the meter installation application and send GEPCO copies of their forms.

If they have any inquiries, they should contact GEPCO Customer care and solve their respective issues technically and promptly. If they want to set up electrical connections with GEPCO, consumers can fill applications at their office as well as online while the Acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to consumers afterward.

Documents to Be Attached With the Application

Documents to be attached with the Application and Power Supply Contract are as follows:

  • The issue of the “No Objection Certificate” (if the applicant is a tenant) will be dealt with by the landlord.
  • To apply, a certificate that shows Possession of the location in which the connection is to take place must be presented.
  • The owner of the property has to swear that he/she has no preceding connection with the property for which a connection is sought after and will pay any unpaid fees regarding any prior connections should there be any.
  • The power of attorney (in the case of a Company), is in favor of the applicant to the effect that the applicant is authorized to sign the application and execute the agreement on behalf of the Company.
  • Attested copies of CNICs of the candidate and two eyewitnesses.

GEPCO New Connection Fee

GEPCO’s new connection fee differs on various factors such as connection type. Upon receiving the receipt of the form and documents, GEPCO issues a registration PIN. This PIN is further used to refer to the processing of meter installation. The application will be evaluated and approved as per the provisions of the Distribution Code, Consumer Eligibility Criteria, and Grid Code.

GEPCO Contact Number

Consumers of GEPCO can use the GEPCO contact number to discuss and register their electricity issues promptly. The GEPCO staff acquire the skill to deal with a range of issues, from billing solutions to policy inquiries. GEPCO has created a section devoted solely to solving consumer crises. The GEPCO team works 24/7 and will help its consumers to get to the customer care representative promptly.
Following are the GEPCO Helpline numbers:



GEPCO’s new connection can help the consumers in the installation of a new connection through the proper channel. GEPCO demand notice asks for certain vital information to be provided, including a CNIC/passport to keep track of the service expenses. When consumers make the mentioned payment in the GEPCO demand notice and the concerned officers verify the given payment, then the installation process starts on the consumer’s premises.

GEPCO will perfume a wiring test and will make the consumer sign an electricity contract with them to start the process. GEPCO’s new connection tracking can be done soon after the Demand notice fee is verified, and consumers can check the status and progress of their electrical installation. They can also use the GEPCO helpline, the customer can verify the present status of their GEPCO connection.