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Check MEPCO Bill Rates 2023 – MEPCO Tariff Online

MEPCO is Pakistan’s electric energy supply company. One needs to pay different MEPCO rates depending on the year. For instance, if it’s 2023, your MEPCO bill rates in 2023 will fall under the MEPCO tariff prices set by NEPRA according to the production and supply of electricity.

MEPCO tariff covers residential, commercial, industrial, single-point supply, agricultural tariffs, seasonal industrial supply tariffs, temporary supply tariffs, public lighting, and residential colonies attached to industrial premises, respectively.

MEPCO New Connection Fee

MEPCO new meter charges depend upon the type of connection a certain consumer has requested. Once all the required documents are submitted and verified, MEPCO will issue a demand notice.

This is to allow the applicant to go for further processing of their new meter installation. After the consumer makes the payment to the designated bank in the demand notices, MEPCO will sign their power supply contract for the new connection.

MEPCO will view the demand notices if they have been paid or not and a wiring test report to set a final number of connections and overall new connection price for each application.

MEPCO Unit Rate

MEPCO unit price is the price charged to the consumer of MEPCO when one electricity unit is consumed.

MEPCO unit calculator is a tool consumers of MEPCO use to calculate their MEPCO bills. MEPCO offers a monthly billing cycle. This means that you will be charged for the electricity you consume during the month.

It provides a calculation formula that works on MEPCO per unit price provided in the MEPCO tariff guide, so even if your math isn’t the best, you’ll know how much to pay each month!

Therefore, you can easily calculate your MEPCO bill online with any connection type. Here are MEPCO commercial unit prices, MEPCO industrial unit prices, and MEPCO domestic unit prices.


a)For sanctioned load less than 5 kW   
iUp to 50 Units4.003.95
 For Consumption exceeding 50 Units   
ii1 – 100 Units14.597.74
iii101 – 200 Units16.4110.06
iv201 – 300 Units17.5312.15
v301 – 700 Units19.0719.55
viAbove 700 Units20.6122.65
b)For sanctioned loads less than 5 kW  
 Time of use Peak – 20.27
Off-Peak – 13.10
Peak – 22.65
Off-Peak – 16.33

a) Single Phase Connections: Rs. 75/- per consumer per month

b) Three Phase Connections: Rs. 150/- per consumer per month


a)For sanctioned load less than 5 kW 19.5619.95
b)For sanctioned loads less than 5 kW440.0019.2221.63
c)Time of use440.00Peak – 21.02
Off-Peak – 13.49
Peak – 23.55
Off-Peak – 17.58

a) Single Phase Connections: Rs. 175/- per consumer per month

b) Three Phase Connections: Rs. 350/- per consumer per month


B1 18.3117.23
B1(b)Peak – 21.19
Off-Peak – 13.41
Peak – 20.79
Off-Peak – 15.23
B2(b)440.00Peak – 20.95
Off-Peak – 13.50
Peak – 20.73
Off-Peak – 15.02
B3420.00Peak – 21.11
Off-Peak – 12.63
Peak – 20.73
Off-Peak – 14.93
B4400.00Peak – 20.93
Off-Peak – 12.97
Peak – 20.73
Off-Peak – 14.83

  • The B1 Affiliates shall be charged a fixed minimum of Rs. 350/- per month
  •  For B2 Affiliates shall be charged a fixed minimum of Rs. 2000/- per month
  •  For B3 Affiliates shall be charged a fixed minimum of Rs. 50,000/- per month
  •  For B4 Affiliates shall be charged a fixed minimum of Rs. 500,000/- per month

MEPCO Withholding Tax Statement

Understanding tariff withholding tax statements is easy if we know what taxes are applied. The MEPCO bill rates tend to fluctuate its price depending on the fluctuations of profits generated through selling electricity to its consumers.

An average person’s monthly bill will differ according to different factors like power usage, the lack of sunlight, tampering with any home appliances, and so on.


Q1: What is Net Metering?

Net metering describes the process of electricity being sent back to the power grid. It occurs when an electric utility company provides credits for electricity generated through renewable energy sources at your home or business.

Therefore, if you have solar panels that produce more energy than what you need, you can send them back to MEPCO’s system and receive credit on your bill. This may help offset or eliminate electricity bills.

Q2: How to Check MEPCO Bills By SMS?

MEPCO bill SMS service is available to stay in contact with its customers. It is a new service launched by MEPCO to provide MEPCO bills online.

Consumers can get their MEPCO bill by SMS by just visiting the official MEPCO site, and entering their reference number and mobile number in format 92XXXXXXXXX. And get registered for it. Once registered updates will be sent to the consumers.

Q3: How To Check MEPCO Previous Bill?

MEPCO has helped its consumers to keep track of their previous invoices/bills. Their customers can access the service online, through text SMS, making a phone call, or visiting the official website and entering the 14-digit reference number.

Q4: What is the Defaulter List?

The electricity defaulter lists people who have defaulted or are unable to pay their electricity bills. These people are at risk of having their electricity power disconnected or already have had it disconnected as soon as the deadline period has expired. NEPRA issues the Defaulter list, and it updates it every quarter.

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MEPCO tariff has different MEPCO bill rates per unit prices for different connection types to keep track of units consumed. Consumers can use MEPCO unit price to calculate their monthly bills.

Simply, the MEPCO website provides its consumers with an option to see how much electricity they will be consuming over a month. This way they can easily find out their average electricity consumption and plan out their power usage accordingly.

MEPCO rates 2023 are available on the official website to help the consumer with their bill rates and bill calculation.